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Up-Cycling Denim Waste

Dwij Denim Bags

Denim is the fastest growing fashion trend in the world. The durability and comfort of the material have made it extremely popular. However, with fashion becoming so disposable, the life span of a clothing item has reduced drastically. Considering the fact that a huge amount of water goes into making a denim fabric, disposing of it frequently can prove to be very expensive on the environment.

Textile waste is one of the major polluters of the environment. In fact, about 80 billion garments are made globally which generates over 1.3 billion tonnes of fabric waste, and nearly 75% of global fabric waste is discarded untreated which can end up in landfills or is burnt, according to Indian Textile Journal. Taking into account the burden of the waste created by the industry, a Mumbai based entrepreneur Soumya Annapurna Kalluri took upon herself to find a solution by reusing some of the textile waste.

The startup known as Dwij is rescuing old jeans from the landfills to create upcycled bags and other utility items from it. The startup has so far upcycled more than 2500 post-consumer jeans and 500 post-industrial denim in the one year of its establishment. It has sold 3000 bags made from this fabric.

The unique feature of the products by Dwij is that each product is exclusive. No two products are the same. And the products are created by ensuring that no waste is created. Thus, every shred of the fabric is used up for making jewellery or other accessories.

Initiatives like this in fashion is required to make the industry more sustainable. It is up to the citizens to choose the products by such startups to encourage more individuals to embrace Eco-friendliness in fashion.

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