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CSR: Renault and Nissan inaugurate surveillance camera project to improve road safety in rural Chennai

Renault and Nissan have inaugurated a comprehensive surveillance camera project to improve road safety around the Renault Nissan Automotive India Ltd (RNAIPL) plant near Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
The project will see 110 cameras installed around the Oragadam corridor, 48 of which are sponsored by the Alliance partners. The cameras, as well as new signaling and other road infrastructure, will help to control traffic congestion, lower crime rates and reduce traffic accidents.

The initiative is part of the plant’s wider rural development program which includes waste reduction and recycling, water table management and environmental and habitat protection.

The new project will improve safety through CCTV cameras to help monitor crime; traffic signals at intersections; temporary roundabouts and barricades to control the traffic congestions on roads and national highways (especially near Oragadam SIPCOT); road light blinkers on the dividers to indicate road crossing points to pedestrians; solar blinkers to give warnings to motorists on parts of the highways that are under repair and sowing of tree saplings along the sides of the road.
The camera and road safety installation project is being conducted with the support of Sevalaya – a non-profit organization, and was inaugurated by the distinguished Dr. M.Sudhakar- IPS, SP of Kanchipuram District, in the presence of S. Sunil, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Sriperumbudur, Mr.Biju Balendran- MD & CEO, Renault Nissan Automotive India Ltd, and Rajasekara Bhatt, GM-PLE & RNAIPL Safety vertical head, CSR committee members and attended by RNAIPL employees.
Sinan Ozkok, President of Nissan India Operations, said: “Nissan places the utmost importance on the wellbeing of its employees. Through this initiative, we will improve the safety of the underdeveloped, yet indispensable village corridor. The road infrastructure we are putting in place with our partners will warn people about accident-prone zones, organize traffic and control the overall crime and hazard rates. With continuous monitoring and maintenance, we are confident this project will deliver great benefits to RNAIPL workers, employees of other companies and members of the public.”
Biju Balendran – MD, CEO of Renault Nissan Automotive India Pvt Ltd, added: “Nissan India has always prioritized the safety of its employees as well as the public at large. The Oragadam industrial corridor houses various manufacturing plants, and the movement of local villagers and constant transit of vehicles transporting heavy equipment makes it a zone that must prioritize safety. The infrastructure project directly addresses a range of serious issues from crime to traffic, to accident safety, in order to make the village corridor more holistically secure for everyone.”
The Oragadam manufacturing corridor has more than 50 companies and 12 villages along its route, making it frequently used by workers and villagers despite its previous lack of safety infrastructure.

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