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CSR: Nationwide Road Safety Awareness Programme launched with a focus on children

Delhi, India: EFKON-STRABAG, India’s foremost leading provider of smart infrastructure solutions, as part of its social responsibility initiative focused on safety announced the launch of a comprehensive Road Safety Awareness program throughout India, with a specific focus on children. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to promoting road safety education and cultivating a culture of responsible behaviour among young learners.
The Road Safety Awareness program is designed to equip school children with essential knowledge and skills to navigate roadways safely. As part of the initiative, EFKON-STRABAG will collaborate with local schools to organize road safety awareness programs for students at various schools in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai in March and April 2024. These events will include interactive sessions and engaging activities to educate students about road safety. EFKON-STRABAG plans to involve not only school children but also its key customers including NOIDA Authority, NCRTC, NHAI, MMRDA, TNRDC, and DMRC. By involving them in the program, the company aims to showcase its dedication beyond project management and demonstrate its commitment to fulfilling its mission.
Additionally, as part of this program, EFKON-STRABAG will reach out to people at busy junctions and locations to raise awareness about the importance of following traffic rules and prioritizing safety. The company will organize street plays or “NUKKAD NATAK” at high-traffic locations across Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai
Commenting on the launch of the Road Safety Awareness program, Rajat Mishra. Chief Executive Officer at EFKON-STRABAG, emphasized the company’s dedication to promoting safety on the roads. “As we all know, road accidents & fatalities are a hugely concerning issue in India. According to the “Road Accidents in India-2022” report from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, there were 461,312 reported road accidents in India in 2022, resulting in 168,491 fatalities and 443,366 injuries. This represents an 11.9% increase in accidents, a 9.4% increase in fatalities, and a 15.3% increase in injuries compared to the previous year. Which implies that the number seems to be only rising. The Road Safety Awareness program is part of EFKON-STRABAG’s broader commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. Through initiatives like this, the company aims to make a positive impact on society and contribute to building safer communities for all. We believe that instilling road safety awareness in children from a young age is crucial for creating a safer and more responsible society. By educating and empowering the next generation of road users, we can contribute to reducing accidents and saving lives.”




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