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CSR: Menopause Is No Dirty Word, Says New Generation Of Menos

Rekha makes menopause look good

Women have long suffered in silence through menopause. But a new generation is encouraging a more open conversation, to share learnings and to put an end to unnecessary stigma.

A survey by the British Menopause Society (BMS) showed that more than half of women say that the menopause had a negative impact on their lives. For some, menopause can cause anxiety, depression and leave women feeling isolated. In fact, over a quarter of women (26%) said that they felt less outgoing in social situations and 23% felt more isolated.

Wellbeing coach Jane Dowling set up her website Meno & Me to reach out to other women going through menopause. “We are a new generation of menos” said Jane on Channel 5’s Menopause: Breaking the Taboo documentary, “We need to share and be positive.” Belonging to this new generation of menos is Bollywood diva, Rekha. The 64-year-young actress looks more radiant and positive with each passing year.

Kathryn Colas, CEO and founder of Simply Hormones, shares this mentality, traveling around the country educating businesses about menopause and how to create positive work environments.

West Midlands Police Force is putting this learning into action by setting up support groups for female police officers, offering them extra support and amenities such as desk fans. Wellness brands are also beginning to design services for women going through menopause. The Mail recently reported on three-day ‘menopause retreats’ conceived by former PR guru Lynne Franks. A pioneer in this space is Grace Belgravia, an upscale women’s health and lifestyle destination. They offer tailored advice and bespoke plans for customers that encompass all aspects of health, fitness, beauty and nutrition.

Taking a celebratory approach is Libeeration, a beer for the menopause from New Hampshire’s Portsmouth Brewery. It’s the brainchild of brewery co-owner Joanne Francis, who had noted the rise of herbal teas, remedies and essences and wondered why no one had thought to add those essences to beer, a drink she and all her friends loved. The brew was designed with the help of women’s health practitioners and herbalists and contains a range of ingredients including motherwort, lemon balm, chamomile and stinging nettle.

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