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CSR: Hypocrite Indians Say Yes To Milk, No To Beef

Milk Cows

“Milk is very good for you,” said my mother while growing up. “It is important to have milk everyday to have strong body,” she said.

Milk and its products have been associated with calcium and protein supplements. In a country where beef is officially banned in 24 of its states, siting it to be inhumane to slaughter the holy animals, milk is surprisingly treated with a very high regard. Milk and beef, both come out of cows and are both two sides of a same coin. Animals are subjected to cruelty in both the cases.

According to undercover investigations by animal rights organisations like PETA, Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) and Animal Equality, animals are subjected to recurring cruelty by the dairy industry. The cows are repeatedly impregnated using artificial insemination. This is not done by a trained professional but by “barefoot healers” who do not follow basic hygiene standards. They even use unsterilised equipment to impregnate cows. Cows are often injected with oxytocin which makes it produce huge quantity of milk, but also causes her painful cramps as if she is in labour. The calves are generally kept away from the cows as soon as they are born which causes both the animals a lot of trauma. The male calves are often considered as burden and are sent off to slaughter houses or are abandoned.

India is the world’s largest producer and consumer of dairy. The dairy industry in India was worth INR 5,000 billion in 2016. India is also globally the largest milk producing country since 1997. This also means that India is largest contributor to animal cruelty.

In wilderness, the life expectancy of cows is around 20 years. However, with the inhumane treatment to their bodies, their life span has reduced to about 10 years now. How is it not hypocrisy to use milk as an offering to god but view beef eaters as killers?

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