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CSR: How Can Corporates Improve the Sports Scenario In India

Sports scenario in India

According to the World Health Organisation, “Experience and scientific evidence has shown that regular participation in appropriate physical activity and sport provides people of both sexes and all ages and conditions, including persons with disabilities, with a wide range of physical, social and mental health benefits. It improves diet and discourages the use of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. It helps to reduce violence, enhance functional capacity, and promote social interaction and integration.”

Sports play a major role in nation’s economic progress. India however is lagging behind in the field due to various reasons. The government has certain limitations which is why the development is slow however, corporates can step up and enhance the sports scenario in the country in the following ways.

Imbibe Sports in the culture of the organisation

In order to start building interest in sports, organisation can give physical activity goals to the employees on a daily basis. This can improve the overall health of the employees, and can be a good networking opportunity for them. It can also create a healthy competitive environment among the employees, which can be reflected in the work too.

Promote sports in schools

In order to grow more athletes, it is important to start preparing them from a young age. This can be achieved if the school students are encouraged to take up a sporting activity so that they have the time to build their stamina and skill to compete at national level.

Improve infrastructure

Lack of infrastructure and equipment is one of the reasons why Indian athletes are not able to compete in International games. Corporates can work towards changing this, by making the infrastructure more accessible to everyone.

Promote the sportspersons

In India, apart from Cricketers, the sportspersons are not all very well recognised. Promoting their contribution and image will help people develop an interest in understanding the sport. This will help in encouraging more people in taking up sports professionally.

Improve the rewards for sportspersons

The sportspersons in India are not very well rewarded or paid for their contribution. This discourages them from taking it up as a vocation. Improving the remuneration will sort this problem to a great extent.

Promote or initiate sports entrepreneurship

Sports entrepreneurship will give each sport a structure. It will make the process of raising athletes simple and organised. This will not only make the training of the athletes more polished and efficient but will also pay them well.

Sponsor broadcast of the games

To bring various Indian games in limelight, more people need to see it and know their players. To accomplish this, the corporates can sponsor the broadcast of these games so that they can get more exposure.

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