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CSR: Delhi School Sensitising Students About Environment


With education being the key to socio-economic development, schools play an integral part in a child’s growth. It is thus very important for a school to impart the right values in students.

Understanding their responsibility in upbringing a child, a Delhi school is utilising the platform to address the issues that matter among the children of 7th and 8th standard. The Foundation School, a sister establishment of The Indian School in Delhi, has championed multiple sustainable initiatives that teach children to coexist with nature via experiential-based learning activities. They have two Rain Water Harvesting systems that recharge groundwater tables every year, and during monsoons, the students from the middle school are taken to the structure to see the process.

65 per cent of the school’s electricity is produced from the solar plant of 71.2 KiloWatt placed on the terrace. Every year, the school saves close to Rs 10 lakh on the electricity bill. This has enabled the school to prevent 87 tonnes of carbon emissions in the first year of its installation.

The school has two composting units, the smaller one known as ‘rolly polly’, to convert biodegradable waste into manure. It is a process in which students participate — they deposit the waste in the unit and roll it on the ground a few times to make sure that waste is properly mixed with the organic fertiliser. The second is a bio composter which uses bio-enzymes for horticultural waste generated on the campus. Since its installation last year, the unit has generated manure three times.

The school has put a blanket on single-use plastics. Apart from this, the school observes a mute food day once a week where children do not bring any food item that has the potential to generate waste.

The school also has a farm-cum-forest where each student gets to pluck vegetables. On the farm, teachers explain natural farming and introduce children to organic vegetables. The farm has life-size science models as well to give students hands-on experience.

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