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Collective Giving This Christmas by Crucial Stakeholders


Neatly wrapped presents, sparkly decorations, melodious carols and a long list of party invitations – all point to the start of the holiday season. The enthusiasm of the season is around every corner, and the holiday spirit brings a twinkle to everyone’s eye.

Every year, the religious zeal and merriment of Christmas brings along fun and hearty family get togethers. However, for some believers the festival encourages to spread the joy of caring and sharing. This Christmas, corporates collaborated to spread this joy a little further.

HyperCITY introduced the ‘Warm-O-Meter’ in stores to demonstrate generosity to the society, by requesting customers to donate clothes this festive season. Through ‘The Box of Joy’, customers donated toys, books, puzzles, games and other fun stuff that brought the Christmas spirit to the destitute.

The joy of giving not only fosters generosity to the community but also to the employees by being able to participate.

Crowdfunding platform Ketto conducted an online campaign to give orphans the joy of unwrapping gifts this Christmas. They partnered with Miracle Foundation India to make orphans feel loved and special by sponsoring gifts for 1,000 children.

There is no end to the smiles one can donate. To engage people in this initiative, Ketto rolled out ‘Ketto Elves’, an online activity enabling them to become a Ketto Elf for an underprivileged child without parents.One simply has to choose their elf avatar, pick a stocking and add a Christmas message for a kid.

Shoppers too are helping to protect some of the world’s most endangered species this Christmas by buying gifts for their loved ones from The Body Shop. Every selected gift a customer purchased helps protect endangered animals in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and endangered habitat in Vietnam with 1 square metre protected per specially selected gift.

In India, The Body Shop has partnered with WWF to protect endangered animals in the local forests. The funds collected will be used for WWF India’s ongoing campaign for ‘Species Conservation and Habitat Protection’ which has been running for the past four decades. The campaign works to protect endangered animals such as Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, One-horned Rhino, Ganges River Dolphin, Snow Leopard, Red Panda, Sarus Crane and Common Leopard.

Individuals, in their capacities form to be essential examples of change. This festive season, let us participate in spreading the feeling of love and laughs during the joy of giving season. As the year comes to an end, let the values translate from give and take to sharing as our own.

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