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Chennai Police’s initiative for students’ safety, Jharkhand Police takes kids on city tour  

Children from remote areas affected by militancy were taken on a tour of Jamshedpur city arranged by Jharkhand Police on Sunday
The Greater Chennai Traffic Police (GCTP) has come up with an initiative called ‘School Safety Zone programme’ with an aim to enhance students’ safety while commuting. The initiative unveiled last week is aimed at creating a pool of traffic volunteers in every school. Sandeep Rai Rathore, Commissioner of Police, GCP, inaugurated the scheme on Friday at Vidyodaya Matriculation School in Chennai’s T Nagar.
Meanwhile, as part of the Community Policing Programme by Police in Jharkhand, students from remote rural areas affected by militancy under Gudabandha Police Station area were taken on a tour of Jamshedpur city on Sunday, 11th February.

‘School Safety Zone programme’ by Greater Chennai Traffic Police

The parents and teachers will also be involved in the School Safety Zone programme. Under this initiative, along with students, teachers and parents will also be engaged in traffic regulation duties around the schools.
“Educating children, parents and teachers on the road safety aspects will not only protect them from potential hazards but also foster responsible attitude and positive outlook towards traffic rules,” reads a statement issued by the police.

Launched on pilot basis

As of now the programme will be implemented on a pilot basis at St Mary’s Higher Secondary School in Parrys, Kendriya Vidhyalaya, IIT Campus in Guindy, SBOA Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Anna Nagar and Vidhyodaya school.
If the project tastes success in the abovementioned institutes, then it will be extended to all the schools in Chennai city with an objective to create a mega school safety zone for bringing a paradigm shift in road safety.

Volunteers to be trained by the Police

Students will receive training from master trainers belonging to the police department on traffic rules, traffic regulation skills, pedestrian safety, safe road crossing, bicycle safety, understanding traffic signs and signals. Students, teachers and parents will also be made aware about safe driving and its necessity. Road Safety Patrol cadets will assist the volunteers to ensure safe commute of the students to school and while leaving school in morning and afternoon respectively.

Jharkhand Police arranges city tour for kids

The District Police on Sunday organised a tour of Jamshedpur city for children residing in remote rural areas who are affected by militancy as part of their Community Policing Programme. The minor residents living under Gudabandha Police Station area were taken on a tour of Jamshedpur city.

During the city tour, students, accompanied by police personnel were made to explore various parts of Jamshedpur city including prominent landmarks, educational institutions, and its cultural hubs. The children also got a chance to interact with Kishore Kaushal, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and Rishab Garg, Superintendent of Police (SP) (Rural). The children were provided with valuable insights into the how law enforcement agencies operate and the importance of community engagement in maintaining peace and security.