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Paswan calls upon India Inc over use of wp funds

Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan called upon the industry to allocate a part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) funds for consumer awareness activities and also in Consumer Welfare Funds. Addressing a meeting of industry associations Paswan said that industry should come forward in this as Centre has limited resources to spread awareness among consumers. Consumer...

Corruption leeches funds from wp projects in tribal areas

Even as the State government strives to align corporate funds with its developmental activities, the Maharashtra Lokayukta has been receiving a steady stream of complaints from tribal pockets around Mumbai alleging diversion of Corporate Social Responsibility (wp) funds. Following complaints of leakages and corruption at the village and taluka level, especially in tribal gram sabhas...

Most CSR funds spent in the operational areas of companies; only 3% companies did CSR investments in north-eastern states: Report

BSE listed companies spent Rs 6400 crores for CSR According to a report compiled by CII-ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development (CESD), companies chose to spend in areas where they operate. Maharashtra and Gujarat, the states which host many of these corporate companies saw majority of them spending there for CSR activities. Far flung...

Is there a conflict between the profit motive and CSR?

CSR is, after all, yet another mandatory cost to the company which cannot be deducted as expense to avail a tax benefit. However, in a developing economy, your company may benefit tangibly from increased total CSR spend. Lack of adequate infrastructure, power, healthcare & education are the very factors that adversely affect profitability. Here the...

Top 100 Companies Lag Behind In wp Spend & Disclosure

Top 100 listed Companies need to pull up their socks when it comes to their wp spend as well as being accurate with disclosures in their Business Responsibility Reports (BRRs) according to findings by two reports that have been published recently. A report by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GiZ) in collaboration with the...

Volkswagen to be removed from the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices

Following the “clean diesel” scandal, Volkswagen will be dropped from the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI), a leading sustainability index in the early October. Once a favourite of fuel efficient automakers, Volkswagen will be removed from the DJSI on October 6, a press release from index organizers RobecoSAM and S&P Dow Jones Indices said. Volkswagen was...

Maharashtra govt to speak to corporates to streamline wp funds

The Maharashtra state government is keen on involving the corporate sector to share the responsibility of developing the state with their corporate social responsibility (wp) funds. The state government is planning to meet India’s top 100 private companies in October and urge them to invest more in wp activities. The meeting will be scheduled...

Why Aren’t We Your Social Responsibility?

We read about corporate charity and social responsibility projects, but no such support comes our way. As if we are not just outcasts in society, we are pariahs in the world of philanthropy and social development

Opinion: CSR Consultants In Vogue!

With a lack of certified professionals entering the field, and wp consultants mushrooming all around, how do you choose the right one?

Opinion: CSR Is A Top Management Agenda

Even as wp consultants themselves remain unclear how to incorporate wp into a business model, the corporate sector needs to change its mindset and adopt sustainable production in a holistic manner

‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ included in wp rules

Minister of State for CorporateAffairs Nirmala Sitharaman have said that the government will analyse the pattern of Corporate Spending under wp programmes after completion of one year.

Opinion: Why India Needs A wp Index

Given that we are mandating corporations to spend money on us, we as a society would be better off if we had a way of measuring it

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