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Yoga aligns you with the Elements of Earth for Holistic healing: Dr. Mickey Mehta

Mickey Mehta Interview

As an Indian and fitness enthusiast, I have often wondered about the world’s fascination with Yoga. Visually, it consists of various stretches. So why is it widely accepted and taught across the globe? Many exercise disciplines emphasise connecting the mind and body during practice, but Yoga uniquely requires the integration and concentration of mind, body, and soul as fundamental to its practice. The teachings of Yoga emphasise that it is not just for the body; it encompasses profound benefits for the mind and soul as well.

Yoga comprises a set of ancient Indian practices and disciplines involving physical, mental, and spiritual elements. Its goal is to regulate the mind (yoke) and achieve a tranquil state, acknowledging a detached observer-consciousness that remains unaffected by the mind (Chitta) and everyday hardships (Duḥkha).

In a world filled with increasing screen distractions and prevalent physical ailments, Yoga offers holistic healing. However, as something becomes exceedingly popular, it often diversifies from its original practice. For instance, in the West, there’s “Doga,” a form of Yoga tailored to be practised with pet dogs, which some pet owners find beneficial for their dog’s health issues as well.

Doga is a trend of yoga hybrids to practise Yoga with pet dogs which originated in America around 2002, reached Britain by 2004, and had expanded throughout the Western world by 2011. Doga instructors highlight the perceived innate enlightenment of dogs and emphasise the benefits of exercise, bonding, and enjoyment that this activity offers.

Around International Yoga Day, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Mickey Mehta, a holistic healing expert and a prominent advocate of Yoga. He has played a crucial role in encouraging many corporations to integrate Yoga into their daily routines and has contributed articles to esteemed hospitals in India. Dr. Mehta, born on 29 August 1962, serves as an ambassador for the FIT India Movement. Born into a middle-class Parsi family, Rohinton Mehta grew up in Grant Road, Mumbai.

Dr. Mickey Mehta’s influence extends to assisting several Indian film industry celebrities, including Sunny Leone, Preity Zinta, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta, and Bipasha Basu, in achieving their fitness goals.

During our candid conversation at his elegant residence in South Mumbai, Dr. Mickey Mehta discussed Yoga’s healing potential in addressing contemporary issues such as mobile addiction and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, PCOD, PCOS, and obesity. He also shared insights on veganism and its broader impact on our surroundings.

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