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Upholding Consumer Rights in India: Complicated, Uncomplicated or In-between? 

On World Consumer Right Day we delve into three case studies to understand the workings of consumer rights and redressal in India. Every year on March 15th, the world celebrates World Consumer Rights Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about consumer rights and advocating for fair practices in the marketplace. In India, this day...

BoAt: Sailing Towards Responsible Tech Consumption in India’s E-Waste Challenge

From individual choices to corporate initiatives – unraveling the challenges and solutions in India's e-waste landscape. Can you imagine a day without technology? Keeping our phantom limb phones aside, switching off the television and wifi, no tabs, laptops or smart watches. These are just the addictive extensions of our entertainment requirements, but technology includes everything...
Indian Wetlands

Indian Wetlands Get Globally Listed Under Ramsar Convention

In the day and age where children can name more celebrities and series over fruits and trees, it is not just a necessity but an imperative for us to educate ourselves about the environment and its functionality. So today we pick wetlands, not just because today, 2nd February is observed as World Wetlands Day...
Eco Innovation

The Startup Boom and Eco-Innovation Enthusiasm in India

India celebrates National Startup Day to recognise the contributions of startup community in Indian economy. Deepinder Goyal Founder & CEO of Zomato once aptly said, “Everybody has to contribute towards building and sustaining a strong culture” and that is exactly what India is doing right now. Started in the year 2022 by the Government of...
Binish Desai

Meet Indian Captain Planet: Binish Desai

On National Youth Day this is the inspiring story of 30 years old eco-entrepreneur Binish Desai and his groundbreaking inventions. Remember Captain Planet from childhood? That eco-friendly superhero whose mission was to save the planet? Little did we know then that he wasn't just a character but an inspiration for real-life heroes like Binish Desai....
Deepika Padukone Live Love Laugh

Deepika Padukone: Beyond Films for a Greener World and Better Bharat

Exploring the actress's visionary support for startups, diverse ventures and impactful investments. Deepika Padukone, an icon in the world of entertainment, both nationally and internationally, embodies versatility as an actress, a trailblazing producer, and a visionary entrepreneur. Her journey in the Indian film industry spans blockbuster hits like "Padmaavat," where her portrayal of Queen Padmavati...

India’s Enduring Contributions to World Science for Peace and Development

India has a rich history of scientific achievements and innovations, and Indians have made significant contributions to various fields of science. Every year, on November 10, the world celebrates World Science Day for Peace and Development. This day serves as a reminder of the critical role that science plays in fostering peace and sustainable...

The Vegan Wave: Impact of Meat Production on the World and its Effects on Human Health

With veganism gaining more popularity than ever, many people are debating about plant-based diets over meat consumption. The recent years have seen many Indian celebrities like Aamir Khan, Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, John Abraham, Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Sharaddha Kapoor turn vegan and praise to skies the outcome of their choices. While vegetarianism is...
IPS Yashaswi Yadav on The CSR Journal India Unplugged

“If I weren’t an IPS officer I would have been a Teacher” – IPS Yashaswi Yadav | Cyber Department

In the age of digital revolution, where the virtual world often mirrors the real one, the battle against cybercrime is one of paramount importance. Recently, on 'India Unplugged: Leaders in Action,' an enlightening interview took place with none other than IPS Officer Yashaswi Yadav. In this captivating conversation, he shed light on the growing...

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