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World Cotton Day 2022: Health benefits of using cotton clothes and bedsheets

World Cotton Day is observed across the globe on the 7th of October every year. On this day, Dubai-based noted plastic and cosmetic surgeon Dr Vikas Kumar Verma opens up to The CSR Journal talking about the health benefits of wearing cotton clothes, benefits of using cotton bedsheets and pillow covers at home and warns us against certain synthetic fabrics commonly used in today’s fashion, which are actually harmful for the skin.


“Cotton clothes have many health benefits. First of all, cotton is a natural material. So, it is hypo-allergenic, which means it rarely causes any allergy. Hence, cotton clothes are suitable for all skin types. We specially recommend cotton clothes for people suffering from any kind of skin allergy. Even in the medical field, all dressing materials like bandage and gauge pieces are made of cotton because it does not cause allergy,” said Dr Verma.
Dr Vikas Kumar Verma, plastic and cosmetic surgeon based in Dubai

Absorbs sweat, keeps skin dry

“Cotton helps in moisture control. It acts as an absorbent, absorbing sweat from the skin, thereby keeping it dry. So it can prevent conditions like eczema, itching and other things,” he informed.

Keeps our skin cool

Talking about the cooling effects of cotton on our skin, Dr Verma shared, “Cotton acts as a temperature regulator and insulation on the body. Cotton fabric traps air in between the fibres. Also, there is a layer of air found between the skin and the clothes which helps in insulation and comfort. So, cotton clothes protect us against heat in summer and cold in winter. So, this is also a major benefit of wearing cotton clothes.”


Cotton clothes

Comfortable and durable

“Cotton clothes are very comfortable to wear, they are soft and stretchable. They also have a very durable or long lasting, because of the high tensile strength of cotton fibres. So, they don’t get torn easily,” he further said.


Cotton clothes are safe for children

Safe for children

The doctor strongly recommends cotton clothes for children. Explaining that, he said, “Cotton clothes are recommended for children because of the above-mentioned health benefits. Cotton is an organic, natural fabric. It is gentle on the skin, very soft and free from chemicals. It absorbs moisture from the skin, so the child is dry and comfortable always. It has got cooling properties and doesn’t cause allergy and skin rashes. Children can wear cotton clothes for a long duration which will cause them no harm. Also, cotton clothes are easy to wash and dry.”

Benefits of cotton bedsheets and pillow covers

The doctor also suggests using cotton bedsheets and pillow covers at home as these have many health benefits. He said, “Cotton helps prevent heat rashes. Cotton provides good ventilation and prevents moisture accumulation. Hence, you are less prone to moisture-related rashes, eczema, itching if you are using cotton bedsheets and pillows. It has a cooling effect on the body and regulates our body temperature thereby giving us a sound sleep. Thus, cotton bedsheets and pillow also help in fighting insomnia.”


Cotton bedsheet and pillow cover

Respiratory disease prevention

Why cotton bedsheets and pillow covers are beneficial for asthma patients? “Cotton being a natural fibre, cotton bedsheets are anti-allergic. They prevent against respiratory diseases. Because of its porous nature, cotton bedsheets and pillow covers doesn’t allow dust and bacteria to accumulate on the surface. Hence, it is especially good for asthmatic patients,” explained the doctor.

Which fabrics are harmful for our body

Certain fabrics which are quite common in today’s fashion are actually harmful for us. Warning us about the same, Dr Verma said, “There are many synthetic fabrics like polyester, satin, nylon, rayon which are commonly used in fashionable clothes are not good for the body. These kind of fabrics cause restricted breathing and air circulation to the skin, they cause allergy and rashes and clog the skin pores. There are many chemicals in synthetic fabrics which can enter the body through the skin pores and cause toxic load and systemic side effects. So, it is better to avoid such harmful fabrics.”