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World Cancer Day 2020: CSR for Cancer Care in India

World Cancer Day 2020 bring us no closer to ending the spectre of cancer. According to stats by Cancer India, one Indian woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes. Out of every 2 Indian women newly diagnosed with breast cancer, one woman is killed by the disease. Tobacco (smoked and smokeless) use accounted for 3,17,928 deaths (approx) in men and women in 2018.

Theme for World Cancer Day 2020

In this bleak scenario, the Union for International Cancer Control, which organizes World Cancer Day, has launched a new 3-year campaign with the theme ‘I Am and I Will.’ It calls for a personal commitment to help reduce the global burden of cancer.
Corporates are taking the lead on World Cancer Day 2020 by holding festivals, walks, seminars, public information campaigns, and other events to raise awareness and educate people on how to fight cancer through screening and early detection, through healthy eating and physical activity.

Jindal Stainless CSR: Special Report on Cancer

In a dedicated effort to spread awareness about cancer among the people of Hisar and ensure better health facilities for them, Jindal Stainless Foundation, the corporate social responsibility (CSR) arm of Jindal Stainless, released the PRONCO 2020 Report in collaboration with a Delhi-based Charitable Trust, ROKO Cancer. Roko Cancer is a Delhi-based charitable trust with the vision of spreading awareness on non-communicable diseases in order to save lives. The trust also enables knowledge sharing and capacity building through campaigns and drives.
The report tabulates the findings and the impact of a successful two-year long cancer detection campaign in Hisar and nearby regions. The campaign was kicked-off in 2016 with an aim to spread awareness about detecting cancer at early stages. As part of the campaign, cancer awareness drives, screenings, and detection camps were conducted throughout Hisar, especially for breast, cervix, and oral cancer.
As of May 2019, they have conducted over 5,000 health camps including approximately 6,35,090 patient examinations. Said Deepika Jindal, Chairperson, Jindal Stainless Foundation, “Cancer is the second most common disease in India responsible for maximum mortality with about 0.3 million deaths per year. Rural India is still lagging in terms of medical assistance and awareness related to this. Our aim has always been to provide quality health consultation to people who otherwise cannot afford it. These health camps are a step in the direction of creating a better and healthier world.”

Cadila CSR: Bike Rally for World Cancer Day 2020

Ahmedabad-based pharma major Cadila Pharmaceuticals and N. K. Dhabhar Foundation organized a Bike Rally in Mumbai on Sunday 2nd February ahead of World Cancer Day 2020. This bike rally was organized as a part of the ongoing campaign “I Am and I Will” where the aim is to not only raise cancer awareness and but also encourage people to take action in the fight against cancer. More than 30 bikers of Bajaj Avenger Group took part in the awareness rally which started at 8 am at Shivaji Park, and culminated at Nariman Point after passing through Worli, Mahalaxmi, and Girgaum Chowpatty.
Cadila bike rally to create the awarness on cancer
Cadila bike rally to create the awarness on cancer
The campaign began on 28th January and will be continued for a month. Cadila shares tips and messages on their digital channel related to cancer and how everyone can do their bits to defeat cancer. Multiple awareness rallies have been planned across the country in association with various organizations to sensitize people about cancer patients on the occasion of World Cancer Day.

GGPL CSR: Health Camp

Last month, GP Petroleums Ltd (GPPL), part of UAE-based GP Global, organized and hosted an oral health check-up and safety camp for mechanics of the small town of Sillod near Aurangabad. The health camp was organized in association with NGO Yashodeep Foundation, with the main emphasis on oral cancer and its prevention, simultaneously conducting a checkup for the general health and hygiene conditions of the mechanics.
GP Petroleums has taken this initiative to spread awareness amongst those who do not have easy access to or knowledge about safety and health-related issues, the mechanic community being the focus at large. The health camp witnessed a turn up of over 100 mechanics and provided them with the necessary insights required for prevention of oral cancer, general hygiene and safety measures.
What commitment are you making on World Cancer Day 2020?