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Why Business Leaders Should Take Climate Action Immediately

The CoP 25 (Conference of Parties) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) failed to reach a deal on the 2020 climate action goals. The emotional expectations of the society have been unmet because of lack of action by the governments. This has encouraged millions of people to get on the streets and press for more action.
Business leaders have a great opportunity at their hands, for backing the government in climate action and becoming agents for sustainable change. Business leaders must take up this opportunity to satisfy public sentiment and ensure their existence in the corporate world. Following are three reasons why:

Technological Innovations

There was a time when car companies laughed at the idea of Electric Vehicles (EVs). They believed it to be impracticable in a longer run. Today, EVs are slowly but surely making a permanent space for themselves in the market. Not only this, they are gaining a lot of popularity too among the people.
Climate change has struck a chord with the population. Technological innovations to solve climate crises will keep bringing about a change in society. Nothing would be able to remain permanent in such a time. Thus, business leaders who take bold action today have better chances of not getting replaced tomorrow by their sustainable counterpart.

Enabling Sustainable Consumption

While the global population is keen on more climate action, they are lagging way behind in sustainable consumption. This is because of the unavailability of options and lack of knowledge regarding the usability of a sustainable product. There is a clear gap in this area. Business leaders can fill this gap and gain a competitive edge, by not only making sustainable options available in the market but also by promoting its usability. It will be a win-win for all.

Employee Market

The success of any organisation relies heavily upon its employees. Talent acquisition is considered to be one of the most important strengths of the top companies in the world. The climate crisis has grabbed the attention of the youth who have started to do their bit on an individual level for environment conservation. The best talents of the future are involved in climate action movement. Business leaders by getting engaged in skilling missions for sustainable operations and enabling climate technological innovations, can tap into this employee market and improve its talent acquisition.