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Unlocking a Rs 7,500 Crore Opportunity: Empowering India Inc Through Volunteering Initiatives

Volunteering India Inc
In a groundbreaking revelation, the India Welfare Trust’s recent report has illuminated a significant untapped potential for employee involvement in volunteering initiatives across India. This revelation showcases a remarkable opportunity for India Inc to make a socio-economic impact, far beyond the realms of conventional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding. The report unveils insights into the substantial benefits that volunteering can bring not only to the companies themselves but also to their employees and the wider society. With a potential worth Rs 7,500 crore, this opportunity signifies a powerful avenue for positive change.

The Socio-Economic Potential

The report highlights an unprecedented socio-economic prospect that India Inc could harness by encouraging employee participation in volunteering. While CSR initiatives have traditionally been associated with monetary contributions, this report sheds light on the enormous value that can be generated through volunteering hours. With an estimated 15 million white-collar employees in India, the potential for over 150 million hours of volunteering annually could be a game-changer for social and economic development.
This remarkable figure of Rs 7,500 crore represents a substantial contribution that extends beyond mere financial metrics. This potential can be unlocked by fostering a culture of volunteering within Indian corporates, utilizing around 30% of the overall CSR spending in the country. The envisioned impact could generate a 5x social return on investment for companies, thus creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Volunteering as a Catalyst for Skill Development

As the spectre of AI and automation looms large over workplaces, concerns about the relevance of human skills and jobs have intensified. The report draws attention to an evolving landscape where soft skills and emotional intelligence are predicted to play an increasingly crucial role. With estimates indicating a 24% rise in demand for such skills by 2030, and projections that two-thirds of jobs will require soft-skills-intensive roles by 2039, India Inc finds itself in the midst of a transformative paradigm shift.
The report underscores the significance of volunteering as an effective learning and development program. Volunteering offers a unique platform for individuals to cultivate crucial interpersonal and professional skills. A survey conducted by CRY – Child Rights and You in 2019 revealed that volunteers experienced substantial improvements in soft and business skills, including empathy, respect, creativity, teamwork, communication, and leadership abilities. This presents a compelling case for volunteering as a catalyst for skill enhancement and future employability.

The Link with Well-being

Amidst the increasing focus on employee well-being, volunteering emerges as a powerful tool to foster a holistic workplace environment. The report aligns with Aon India’s 2022 National Wellbeing Survey, indicating a rising investment in well-being initiatives by Indian companies. As 81% of companies report increased well-being investments and 78% acknowledge the need for emotional and well-being support, the report suggests that volunteering can seamlessly integrate into these efforts.
Research has demonstrated that volunteering holds the potential to enhance physical and mental health, provide a sense of purpose, and nurture meaningful social connections. By integrating volunteering into their well-being offerings, companies can create a virtuous cycle where employees’ personal growth and societal contributions intertwine harmoniously.

Reaping Rewards for India Inc.

The implications of volunteering extend far beyond societal impact, ushering in a multitude of benefits for both companies and employees. The report reveals a profound connection between volunteering and heightened employee engagement, underlining that 96% of companies have observed greater engagement among volunteers. In an era marked by stress, attrition, and evolving work preferences, volunteering emerges as a pivotal tool for bolstering employee commitment and motivation.
Furthermore, the report highlights the shift in employee values, with more than 70% of millennials expecting employers to focus on societal and mission-driven problems. Fostering a culture of volunteerism within organizations can elevate employer perception and reputation, appealing to the growing millennial workforce.
Studies have also illuminated volunteering’s potential to retain talent and reduce attrition rates. A substantial 93% of employee volunteers express satisfaction with their current employers, hinting at the profound impact of volunteer engagement on employee retention.

Challenges and Opportunities for India Inc.

While the report paints a promising picture of the potential unleashed by volunteering initiatives, it also spotlights disparities in implementation. A mere 26% of the top 100 companies in India disclosed the exact number of volunteers, and only 39% revealed total volunteering hours. A comparative analysis indicates a shortage of volunteering incentives in Indian corporations compared to their American counterparts.
Addressing this gap requires a concerted effort to introduce initiatives like volunteering time-off and matching grants for volunteering. With only 22% of Indian companies offering volunteering time-off (compared to 66% in the US) and a mere 7% providing volunteering matching grants (compared to 40% among Fortune 500 companies), there’s a clear opportunity for Indian businesses to strengthen their commitment to employee engagement and social impact.


The India Welfare Trust’s report underscores the untapped potential of volunteering initiatives in India Inc, revealing a socio-economic opportunity worth Rs 7,500 crore. Beyond traditional CSR funding, volunteering emerges as a dynamic force for positive change, fostering skill development, enhancing employee well-being, and driving engagement and retention. As Indian businesses navigate the ever-changing landscape of work, volunteering offers a transformative path that aligns purpose, profit, and societal progress. By embracing this path, India Inc can not only unlock financial value but also contribute to a more compassionate and resilient society.