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Top CSR Projects in Hyderabad

Charminar Hyderabad
Charminar, Hyderabad
The city of Hyderabad is known for its food, culture and development. The prosperity in the city has led many corporates to invest there, thus bringing the city under the purview of the CSR spending of the corporates.
In FY2020-21, the district of Hyderabad received the highest share of total CSR funds spent in the state of Telangana. The district’s share of CSR expenditure amounted to Rs. 189.49 Cr. from a total of 588 companies. The top three areas of focus of CSR projects in the districts were Health, Education and Gender Equality with Rs. 84.51 Cr., Rs. 71.8 Cr., and Rs. 8.11 Cr. spent respectively for them.

Top Companies for CSR in Hyderabad

Gland Pharma Limited

Gland Pharma is the top CSR spender in Hyderabad. In FY2020-21, the company spent Rs. 6.77 Cr. in the district. The Company conducts its CSR initiatives through Gland Fosun Foundation. The main areas of focus of CSR initiatives of the company include Education, Good Health, Safety, Conservation of the Environment, Eco-Systems and Natural Resources.

CSR Projects of Gland Pharma in Hyderabad

Health – In February 2021, in association with a healthcare provider, Gland Pharma conducted a ‘Comprehensive Health Plan’ for about 2000 socio-economically children from 26 government schools and orphanages in Hyderabad, to help them grow and develop to their full potential. After being screened through diagnostic tests, the children were counselled by health professionals on nutritional aspects and treated with suitable supplements. The company has also contributed to LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) for the setting up of a dedicated ‘Centre for Elderly Eye Care’ at Hyderabad. Inaugurated on 1st June 2021, the Centre will provide diagnostic and treatment services to all those in need on a sustainable basis. Over the next three years, it will also provide surgical services for at least 3,500 people, as well as house-to-house screening services for 5,000 aged people. In December 2020, the company made a contribution to Lions Eye Hospital (Moula Ali, Hyderabad), to help them set up a ‘Modular Operation Theatre’ in their new Surgical Wing, thereby expanding their outreach to those in need of surgical procedures.
Education – In November 2019, Gland Pharma launched a first-of-its-kind ‘Free Breakfast Scheme’ for nearly 9100 children of 66 government-run schools around our manufacturing facilities in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. These children begin their day with a nutritious breakfast prepared hygienically and supplied by Akshaya Patra Foundation. Hyderabad-based ‘Sannihita Homes’ is an NGO that runs four orphanages (three for girls and one for boys), looking after nearly 400 destitute orphans from vulnerable communities (badly abused backgrounds with no care / homeless / beggars / rag-pickers / migrant families). These destitute children are given shelter, food, education, healthcare and protection.
The company has undertaken to renovate these orphanages, in order to improve the living conditions of the orphans. It is also providing funding support to the NGO to help meet some of the NGO’s regular personnel and administrative expenses.
Wildlife Conservation – The Company contributed Rs 20 Lakhs to Nehru Zoological Park (Hyderabad) for the upkeep of its numerous wild birds and animals. It was warmly welcomed by the zoo authorities as well as several wildlife conservationists/animal lovers, who acclaimed it as a much-needed CSR gesture during this lockdown period when gate collections are badly depleted. Further in October 2021, it further donated Rs 20 lakh for the construction and maintenance of the kangaroo fence in Nehru Zoological Park.
Livelihood Development – Swayamkrushi is a Hyderabad-based NGO that shelters mentally challenged women and address their special needs through therapeutic services, music, yoga, speech and physiotherapy. It also 1) sensitises the community to the special needs of the mentally challenged, 2) works with families, the community, and voluntary and government agencies, and 3) run courses in Special Education and Caregivers’ Training. The company has extended its support to this NGO for:
– The construction of a ‘Vocational Training Centre-cum-Residential Block’ for the inmates
– The procurement and installation of a few jute bag-making machines.

Msn Laboratories Private Limited

Msn Laboratories Private Limited is the second-largest CSR spender in Hyderabad. In FY2020-21, the company spent Rs. 5.95 Crores for its CSR programs in the district. The top three areas of focus for its CSR initiatives included Education, Environment Sustainability and Healthcare.

Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Private Limited

Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Private Limited is the third-largest CSR spender in Hyderabad. In FY2020-21, the company spent Rs. 5.27 Crores for its CSR programs in the district. The top four areas of focus for its CSR initiatives included Art and Culture, Education, Environment Sustainability and Healthcare.

Other CSR Projects in Hyderabad

Beautification of Charminar by NTPC

NTPC Ltd adopted the iconic Charminar in Hyderabad under the Swachh Iconic Places Projects of India. The company in collaboration with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation initiated the Charminar Pedestrianization Project, under which it committed to provide battery-operated vehicles for visitors, bollards to prevent traffic, Swachh Auto Tippers (SAT) for carting garbage, mechanical sweeping vehicles and litter picking machines, decorative and halogen lighting of four arches, construction of public utilities, toilets and drinking water ATM kiosks. The company committed to spending 8.19 Crores on this project.

Low Vision Rehabilitation Programme by Microsoft

Microsoft partnered with Hyderabad Eye Institute to run a program that provided vision screening for communities and children in government schools. A total of 800 persons were examined for eye problems by Vision Technicians, of which 120 were diagnosed to have treatable conditions such as cataract and referred further to LV Prasad Eye Institute for free medical care. As many as 295 people were corrected for refractive errors and prescribed spectacles at the screening site. A total of 215 people, who are differently-abled, were identified through this project are being rehabilitated by the project team. The range of services provided includes parental counselling, early intervention for children with multiple disabilities, orientation and mobility, money management, independent skills training, support in availing government schemes and concessions etc.

Myntra’s Literacy Program

Fashion platform Myntra recently collaborated with Teach For Change, of which Tollywood actress-producer Lakshmi Manchu is the Trustee and Chairperson. Through this CSR partnership, Myntra is supporting less privileged children from various government schools across Hyderabad to spread cheer and positivity in their lives. As part of this CSR initiative, the actress distributed new clothes and footwear from Myntra among 1000 children. The children are beneficiaries under the Teach For Change programme, an initiative to improve literacy and life skills among children studying in government schools.

Gati’s Drushti Eye Camp

Express logistics major Gati Ltd touched lives and sent a heartwarming message of hope and a new beginning by organizing the Drushti eye camp in Jeedimetla in December 2020. The camp was the first of the series of 15 Drushti eye camps lined up in and around Hyderabad during December 25, 2020 – March 31, 2021, to offer eye care, treatment, and surgeries free of cost to the people and senior citizens in particular from the under-privileged sections of the society. Organized in collaboration with the Foundation of His Sacred Majesty, the eye camps aim to treat more than 7000 people. The Drushti eye camp in Jeedimetla treated over 350 patients suffering from various eye diseases and disorders like cataract, glaucoma, etc. The eye camps equipped with qualified doctors, ophthalmologists, optometrists and trained community workers and support staff bring eye care facilities within the reach of the less privileged sections of the society to treat preventable blindness.

Ramky Enviro’s Construction & Demolition waste recycling plant

Ramky Enviro Engineers Limited collaborated with Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to launch a new Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste recycling plant in Jeedimetla, Hyderabad as its CSR project in November 2020.
The Jeedimetla C&D waste recycling plant is a processing facility fully equipped to handle the collection, transportation, processing and management of C&D waste generated in and around Hyderabad. The plant has the capacity to process up to 500 tonnes of C&D waste for recycling per day. It will operate under a public-private partnership model.

FreeIn Initiative by Aster DM Healthcare

On the occasion of Aster DM Healthcare’s 34th Foundation Day, the group launched the Aster FreeIn initiative under which it will donate 10,000 medical investigations in the next 1 year across India and GCC. The initiative, to be run by Aster Volunteers, the CSR arm of the organization, tackles the immediate need faced by many patients, underprivileged or under financial distress, in accessing much-needed medical investigation which would help them seek proper diagnosis and accurate treatment, but are deterred by high costs. In Hyderabad, 100 medical investigations will be carried out on a monthly basis under the initiative at the Aster Prime Hospital.