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Pee Safe distributes Domina female condoms to sex workers

India has made significant progress in addressing the spread of HIV/AIDS among sex workers. However, the success of these programmes would also lie in...

Indian Territorial Army officers distribute essential kits to sex workers and transgenders in Mumbai

The nationwide lockdown has gravely impacted several communities. The most affected of these are commercial sex workers, transgenders, daily wagers hailing from the overpopulated...
sex workers

Social empowerment of sex workers

Sex workers routinely face discrimination and extremely high risks of violence, particularly at the hands of the police and clients. In 2004, at least...

Why Aren’t We Your Social Responsibility?

We read about corporate charity and social responsibility projects, but no such support comes our way. As if we are not just outcasts in society, we are pariahs in the world of philanthropy and social development

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