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Village Woman Ensures Better Future For Her Daughters

In the lower foothills of the Himalayas, local women do their best to earn a living in agriculture and handicraft. Like Gopuli Devi, who...

This Aussie’s ‘rocket stove’ cuts pollution in the Himalayas

Russell Collins, a tinkerer by nature, knew he was onto something when he stumbled across a way to get rid of the smoke killing...

The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution

The Smokeless Cookstove Revolution Saving 1 million lives by eliminating smoke from households! Smokeless Cookstove Revolution (SCR) is excited to announce that they launched a Crowd Funding campaign today. The funds raised will go towards supporting the project for the coming months while they set up the legal structures required to receive grants from Foundations who are looking to fund exactly this kind of life changing initiative.

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