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Red Alert: Houses collapse, cars, bridges swept away as heavy rain lashes Himachal Pradesh 

Very heavy rainfall has flooded the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh with people being evacuate, houses and vehicles being swept away and traffic...

Hyundai creates Relief Task Force to support Flood Affected Customers in Udupi

Hyundai Motor India Ltd. (HMIL) has formed Hyundai Relief Task Force to support flood-affected customers in Udupi, Karnataka. To ensure seamless mobility, Hyundai has deployed...

बाढ़ से हाहाकार, रहनुमा बने सीएसआर

पूरे देश भर में बाढ़ ने हाहाकार मचाया है, देश के ज्यादातर राज्य बाढ़ की संकट से जूझ रहे है, बाढ़ की चपेट में...
Kerala flood relief

Efforts For Kerala Floods

With more than half of the state of Kerala reeling under severe floods, one of the worst floods to hit the state since 1924,...
Floods in India

CSR: Fighting The Floods

Natural calamity has struck India yet again in form of floods this monsoon season. As reported by the Times of India, Home Ministry data...

Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhawan & Kunal Kapoor Raise Funds for J&K Flood Victims

Three Bollywood Stars launch simultaneous Online Campaigns to raise funds that will go towards the aid of the J&K flood victims through CARE India.

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