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CSR for Women Empowerment

Telangana corporates spend 2% of CSR funds on women

As is the case every year, big corporates might be going all out to celebrate International Women’s Day. However, a recent report called Telangana...
CSR spending in thematic areas

Are CSR projects and spends aligned with thematic areas?

According to Census 2011 undertaken by the Government of India, 6% of the nation’s population resides in slums, amounting to more than 7 crore...
Jai Ramkrishna School in Gujarat

CSR Report: L&T in 100 Crore Club of corporate social responsibility

L&T is an engineering and construction conglomerate with a concern for the community. Even before the CSR section was introduced in the Companies Act...
tea estate

CSR spends have a geography problem

Charity begins (and ends) at home for corporate India. Developed states which house India’s largest companies, tend to get more money from their corporate social...
Project Jagriti by Nestle India

CSR Report: Nestlé India spent above 2% of average net profits

Nestle India Limited spent more than the prescribed 2% in corporate social responsibility programs in the financial year 2017-18. While the prescribed CSR expenditure...
Firms under scrutiny

1,000 Indian firms under scrutiny for unspent CSR funds

Companies that are holding back on their corporate social responsibility (CSR) spending and are re-routing the funds to the balance sheet could soon face...
Gateway of India

CSR report: Maharashtra receives largest amount of money for CSR

Maharashtra topped the list of states receiving the largest amount of money for CSR, followed by Gujarat and Rajasthan, while eight states saw a...
CSR report by HUL

CSR Report: HUL spent 116 crore rupees on corporate social responsibility annually

HUL (Hindustan Unilever Limited) has spent INR 116 crores (the sum was INR 104 crores in 2016-17) towards various schemes of Corporate Social Responsibility. The...
Dharmendra Pradhan

Petroleum minister’s appeal to companies: Spare more than 2% of profits on CSR

Petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan urged the industry to spend up to 10% of their profit on corporate social responsibility (CSR) as this is needed...

CSR Spends: What The Data Tells Us

Four years after the CSR mandate, here's a look at the geographies and sectors funds were directed towards; what has changed in the way...
CSR and SDGs

CSR In the Light of SDGs

2015 was a watershed moment in the international development scenario. It was the year of transition from Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to Sustainable Development...

Corporate Social Responsibility And Its Concerns

India has historically had a challenging ecosystem with difficult terrains all across the country, from the north to the south and east to the...

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