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Six Social Welfare Apps that are making CSR easy

India has the largest number of smartphone users in the world. With the launch of Reliance Jio, every citizen in the country is able to afford a cellphone and data. This has made many services to go digital. The steep growth in digitalization has encouraged the app developers of the country to leverage the power of apps for social welfare.
6 apps that focus on social welfare and social responsibility.

1. Self4Society

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Launched Self4Society app and portal in October 2018 with an aim to enable civic and corporate bodies to create and enact their initiatives more easily in order to foster inclusive growth in the country. It is the first of its kind platform that has been imagined with the idea of streamlining the government identified domains, the social activities of the corporates and their employees.

2. SRIJAN (Self Reliant Initiatives through Joint Action)

SRIJAN is a mobile-based soya crop monitoring system that enables women farmers to increase profitability, productivity and efficiency. In the app, female farmers’ details along with crop information and complete profile are registered. Later on, the crop area is surveyed by an expert and inputs are suggested to optimize the production.

3. Swayam Sikhan Prayog (SSP)

Swayam Shikshan Prayog (SSP) is empowering rural women and communities to become leaders and entrepreneurs by providing skill-building, livelihood and health-enhancing opportunities. They help women in setting up social enterprises for delivering preventive health care solutions and enable them to have access to sustainable livelihood options. These women are called Aarogya Sakhis.

4. JayalaxmiAgrotech

The app launched by Jayalaxmi Agrotech provides crop-specific information to illiterate farmers using various audiovisual tools. The app provides expert advice, high tech solutions and works offline once it is downloaded on the phone.

5. Citizen Cop

This app is active in the state of Madhya Pradesh which allows the citizens to help the police in maintaining law and order. The app has features such as Report an incident, Help me (SOS) for emergency help, search a towed vehicle, auto-taxi fare calculator, search a vehicle owner, etc.

6. JumpinJumpout

With increasing traffic and cars in the country, sharing a mode of transport sure seems like a good idea. It not only saves money but also helps in reducing the carbon footprint on the planet. The JumpinJumpout app enables users to share private buses, taxis, autos, cars, etc. to the same destination. A user can indicate his locations and other users can check that on a real-time basis and can go for carpooling.