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National Journalism Day 2020: Role of Journalism in Development of Indian Society

17th November is celebrated as National Journalism Day in India every year. The day is aimed at the promotion of freedom of speech, thoughts and virtues as well as the role of media in shaping our society.

Role of Journalism in Development of Indian Society

Journalism plays a role of mediator between the public and policymakers. The journalists are more often than not tasked with educating the people about various social development and welfare policies of the government. This helps them avail such benefits, which can lead to upliftment of their lives.
In addition to this journalism is also an important tool of the democratic government system. It is a powerful tool which is responsible for ensuring that the rights of every individual is respected. It is also responsible for encouraging unity and brotherhood among the people of India which is very important for the process of nation-building.

Role of Journalism in Propagation of responsible business practices and Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not voluntary in India anymore. It is in fact mandated with the law under the Companies Act 2014. According to the act, the companies have to spend 2 per cent of their net profits for CSR.
Journalism plays a significant role in ensuring the compliance of the law. CSR reports and news have time and again uncovered the real picture of the impact made by a company through CSR activities. Additionally, it has aided the companies and non-profits to connect allowing both to function in a smooth manner. Journalism is also responsible to provide the corporates with primary research regarding what causes and locations should they invest their CSR funds in.
Studies have shown that the consumers of today are conscious of their purchases and the source of the products they use. They are willing to pay a little more as long as the products they used are made responsibly while respecting the environment as well as human rights. Journalism is responsible for displaying which companies are showcasing responsible business behaviour and which of them are carrying on with malpractices to earn more profits. It plays a major role in educating people about the behaviour of a business and thus makes the companies more accountable for their actions.