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Purvanchal Region in Uttar Pradesh Gets 3000 Solar Powered Borewells

Some states in India receive bad rep for their historical blunders and you normally associate Uttar Pradesh with crime and bad politics. The incumbent government has been taking some great sustainable decisions which will lead to the long-term development of the state.
The Yogi Adityanath led Uttar Pradesh government recently announced that it plans to install 8,000 solar powered borewells in the state. 35% of the solar borewells will come up in the Purvanchal districts of the state. This major move was planned after assessment by various departments for the overall development of the Purvanchal districts of the state.
Purvanchal region which includes districts of Balrampur, Shravasti, Siddharthnagar and Kushinagar have been facing water scarcity issues since the last few decades. This region has been pioneering water saving techniques like drip-irrigation and now plans to install sprinklers under the ‘Per Drop More Crop’ which is a part of the PM Agricultural Irrigation Scheme.
On top of the Solar Powered Borewells in Purvanchal, the government is also actively promoting organic farming and a pilot project of 100-200 acres has been identified in the region. Organizations such as Purvanchal Gramin Seva Samiti (PGSS) have been working to resonate the term Purvanchal with sustainable practices such as Promotion of livelihood based organic farming, Initiation of SRI method of paddy cultivation, Agro-forestry & Agro horticulture practices, Livestock rearing, Promotion of Farmers Facility Centers, Support to marginalized farmers for diversification in agriculture, Promotion of allied agriculture based livelihood opportunities, Augmenting the productivity of lead crops program based on sustainable agriculture, Linkages of model farmers in to NABARD supported Farmers Club program, Formation of Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) and Support to farmers for availing institutional agriculture credits for productive purposes.
When you hear the word ‘Purvanchal’, you normally associate with Crime. With administrative divisions such as Mirzapur and Azamgarh, it is no wonder that the larger India who dose on the TV shows which paint a grim picture of these regions, thinks that Purvanchal is a godforsaken place. In the past, this Bhojpuri speaking region has lived up to its billing by being the crime capital of the state.
With these new projects, Purvanchal is moving towards progress and be associated with sustainable practices.