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CSR project Stainless Aashiyana emancipating domestic violence victims

The lockdown has given no respite to victims of domestic violence. In fact, their torture has worsened in the pandemic since they were in close quarters with their partners who are usually the perpetrators. The National Commission for Women recorded more cases of domestic violence during COVID-19 pandemic than in the last decade. This statistic doesn’t include the cases of abuse that go unrecorded because the victim is afraid of losing her home and dignity in society. In this tricky scenario, the CSR arm of Jindal Stainless and Woman of the Elements Trust have come up with project Stainless Aashiyana for women and children who suffer domestic violence.

What will Project Stainless Aashiyana do?

Project Stainless Aashiyana is providing a safe platform for women and children who are going through abuse to share their account with professional counsellors. There is a free helpline – 9310283304 – for counselling and awareness of the caller’s legal rights. They can seek information on the choices available to them for seeking justice and emancipation. Pro-bono legal support will be provided for women who do not have the monetary resources to pay legal fees. Project Stainless Aashiyana will also hold sessions on domestic violence awareness in Delhi and Haryana.

What is Woman of the Elements?

Jindal Stainless Foundation, the CSR arm of Jindal Stainless, has launched the programme along with Woman of the Elements Trust. The latter was founded by domestic abuse survivor Rashmi Anand whom The CSR Journal has profiled previously. The Trust counsels battered women and children, and also helps with pro-bono legal aid, those victims who earn less than Rs. 5,000 a month.
The Woman of the Elements Trust empowers these women to become financially independent through various skilling programmes. Children going through parental abuse get free educational support. Jindal Stainless Foundation will work with the Trust to spread awareness through stakeholders like the police and lawyers so that battered women seek help before it’s too late.
Deepika Jindal, Chairperson, Jindal Stainless Foundation
Deepika Jindal
Says Deepika Jindal, Chairperson, Jindal Stainless Foundation, “In spite of strict legislation, women continue to suffer due to lack of knowledge and the dearth of access to these avenues.” The foundation has been consistently executing CSR activities of Jindal Stainless which runs various programmes for women empowerment in association with NGOs.
Project Stainless Aashiyana is the latest to hear the cry of voiceless Indian women and children during the pandemic.