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This NGO is Organising Workshops to raise Awareness on Environment for Government School Students

Environment Workshop
An NGO named Oyster, in collaboration with the Council for Green Revaluation (CGR), recently organized a two-day training program as part of the Geo Spirit Camp on Sustainable Development and Environmental Challenges. The training program aimed to equip its 28 members with the necessary knowledge and skills to address environmental issues. The event, held at the Earth Centre, was organized by renowned environmental scientist Dr. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, who serves as the Director of the Earth Centre.

Promoting Environmental Awareness in Schools

As part of their commitment to fostering environmental consciousness, Oyster State President Sunil Singade announced that the NGO would conduct awareness classes on the environment for students in all government schools within the Ranga Reddy district. This initiative is a significant component of Oyster’s young leader program, which will be executed in collaboration with the CGR organization.
The young leader program aims to engage and empower students to become environmental leaders in their communities. By conducting awareness classes in schools, Oyster aims to reach a large number of young minds and instil a sense of responsibility towards the environment from an early age. These classes will cover various environmental topics, including climate change, waste management, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable practices. By providing students with knowledge and practical solutions, the NGO hopes to create a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who actively contribute to sustainable development efforts.

Encouraging Environmental Leadership

During the concluding session of the training program, several distinguished individuals were present, including Oyster Secretary Shaik Sohail, Treasurer Anant Sharma, CEO Kaula Ranjit, Bhagyasri, Women’s University representative and Vice-President of the State Nursing Body, Nizam College Oyster Unit President Arvind, and NGO members Gayatri, Vamsi, and Raju. CGR members Rajanikant, Shiva, and Vamsi also attended the event, reflecting the collaborative efforts between the two organizations.
The presence of these esteemed individuals demonstrates the strong commitment and collective effort to address environmental challenges. Together, they represent a network of individuals who are passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability. By working together, Oyster and CGR aim to create a united front in tackling environmental issues and promoting positive change.

The Contribution of Dr. Sai Bhaskar Reddy

Dr. Sai Bhaskar Reddy, the Director of the Earth Centre and a prominent environmental scientist, played a crucial role in organizing and facilitating the training program. His expertise and experience in the field were invaluable in guiding the participants through the complexities of sustainable development and environmental challenges. Dr. Reddy’s commitment to environmental conservation has been recognized nationally and internationally, and his involvement in this training program added immense value to the event.
Dr. Reddy’s contributions extended beyond the training program. As the Director of the Earth Centre, he has been instrumental in creating a hub for environmental research, education, and outreach. The Earth Centre serves as a platform for collaboration and innovation in addressing environmental issues. Dr. Reddy’s leadership and expertise have made the Earth Centre a prominent institution in the field of environmental science and sustainability.

Empowering Young Leaders

The young leader program initiated by Oyster, in collaboration with the CGR organization, aims to nurture and empower the youth to become environmentally conscious leaders. By conducting awareness classes in government schools across the Ranga Reddy district, Oyster plans to reach a wide range of students and instil a sense of responsibility towards the environment. By educating young minds about environmental issues, Oyster hopes to create a generation of environmentally conscious individuals who will be at the forefront of sustainable development efforts.
The young leader program goes beyond theoretical knowledge. It encourages students to actively participate in environmental initiatives and projects. Oyster and CGR will provide support and guidance to the young leaders, helping them implement sustainable practices within their schools and communities. By fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment, Oyster aims to create a network of young individuals who can drive positive change and inspire others to join the environmental movement.


The two-day training program organized by Oyster and the CGR organization marked an important step in promoting environmental awareness and empowering young leaders. By reaching out to government schools and fostering a sense of responsibility towards the environment, the NGO is sowing the seeds for a sustainable and greener future.