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OPPO and Forbes India felicitate the ‘Ultimate 120’ COVID-19 innovators

OPPO India, the global smart device brand, announced a new initiative in collaboration with Forbes India to honour the heroes of COVID-19. Under this initiative, named “Salute to the Ultimate 120 with the Power of Change”, OPPO India will showcase 120 COVID-19 innovators from all domains of life on their strategy to manage this pandemic and acknowledge some out-of-the-box ideas. These innovators vary across innovation, endurance, performance, and style.
Forbes India magazine will produce four special issues. Each issue will be centred on each of the four pillars – Innovation, endurance, performance, and style and highlight the creative minds of influencers. They will be featured on other platforms in a video format to highlight the contribution. As part of this collaboration, OPPO has also felicitated the influencers with their recently launched Find X2 Pro smartphone.
Asimov Robotics’ founder Jayakrishnan T and his team created a robot that helps provide patients with food and medicines, thereby reducing the chances of health workers contracting the virus. Biodesign Innovation Labs is building affordable ventilators; CEO Gautham Pasupuleti wants to make the device accessible to all. Nupur Agarwal provided farmers with seeds and fertilisers during the lockdown, while also purchasing food produce from them.
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