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Meet Indian Captain Planet: Binish Desai

Binish Desai
Binish Desai, Inventor of Eco-Friendly Bricks
On National Youth Day this is the inspiring story of 30 years old eco-entrepreneur Binish Desai and his groundbreaking inventions.
Remember Captain Planet from childhood? That eco-friendly superhero whose mission was to save the planet? Little did we know then that he wasn’t just a character but an inspiration for real-life heroes like Binish Desai. Taking a cue from the legendary Captain Planet, Binish pledged to become a saviour of the environment. In a world grappling with environmental challenges, this young enthusiast with over 50 trademarks in his name has earned the title of the “Recycle Man of India” by the Indian Government.

Why “Indian” Captain Planet

Born in Gujarat, India, in 1993, Binish Desai’s journey into recycling and sustainability began at an early age while watching the famous cartoon serial Captain Planet, story of a superhero who saved the environment from pollution and wastage. His fascination with waste materials and their potential for transformation ignited during his teenage years. He was deeply affected by the environmental implications of waste mismanagement in his community and the detrimental effects on the planet. This concern fuelled his determination to find innovative solutions. His journey began with converting kitchen vapours into water for gardening and crafting building blocks from waste materials – innovations he ideated as a child.

A Young Entrepreneur

Desai’s innovative spirit led him to develop a remarkable and unique material called “P-Blocks” at the age of 11. These eco-friendly bricks are made from recycled paper and other waste materials. The P-Blocks have gained recognition for their strength, thermal insulation properties, and cost-effectiveness, making them a sustainable alternative in construction. Continuing his pursuit of sustainable solutions, Desai founded his company, Eco Eclectic Technologies (now renamed as ReArtham), at just 17 years old. During Covid 19 he introduced 2.0 version of the P-Blocks, recycling them from PPE suits and masks. His venture aimed to tackle waste management challenges by repurposing various types of waste into useful products. Under his leadership, the company expanded its offerings to include not only the P-Blocks but also products like recycled tiles and other construction materials.

Awards to Biopic

Desai’s relentless efforts and groundbreaking innovations have not gone unnoticed. He has received numerous accolades and honours, including the prestigious UN Young Champion of the Earth award in 2020. What sets Binish apart is not just his creativity but his unwavering commitment to crafting products that are not only environmentally friendly but also entirely recyclable. Over 50 trademarks bear his name, a testament to his tireless efforts in innovating for sustainability. His dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable practices has inspired many, earning him recognition as a role model for young entrepreneurs and environmentalists globally. Recognising his exceptional contribution to recycling and environmental conservation, the government bestowed upon him the title of “Recycle Man of India.” Binish Desai’s story is not just inspiring but also captivating enough to attract attention from the film industry, with a Bollywood movie now in the works to immortalise his journey on silver screen.

Dare to Dream

Amidst all his accomplishments, Binish’s relevance on National Youth Day stands as a beacon of hope for the younger generation, consisting of a significant 17.65% of the population of India today. His journey serves as a shining example of how the youth can drive impactful change through innovation and dedication to a sustainable future. Desai’s vision extends beyond his current achievements. He aims to scale up his operations, reaching more communities and industries, thereby significantly reducing the environmental impact of waste. His dream is to create a world where waste becomes a valuable resource rather than a burden on the planet.
Binish Desai’s remarkable journey from a young boy experimenting with waste materials to a pioneering environmental entrepreneur embodies the spirit of innovation, determination, and a deep-seated commitment to sustainability. His contributions to recycling and waste management have not only transformed discarded materials into valuable resources but also inspired a generation to rethink their approach to waste.