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Last Day of Navratri: Lessons to Learn from Maa Durga #WomenCan

Maa Durga
The last day of Navratri is celebrated as Dussehra or Vijayadashmi, to mark the victory of Goddess Durga over the buffalo demon Mahishasura. It is the day to celebrate the victory of good over evil and of dharma over adharma.
Goddess Durga is the epitome of power and strength. It is her confidence, humility and determination that led her to defeat a powerful demon. These qualities are that of a great leader which are applicable to everyone even today.
Lessons to Learn from Maa Durga:


Maa Durga has many names, facets and personalities. Each personality is meant to fulfil a specific role in-universe. A leader is one who also has multiple roles to play for the team. The leader may have to play the role of friend, disciplinarian, family and so much more. A good leader is one who is unafraid to show all of her facets to her team, who balances all of her roles and take decisions that are best not just for themselves but for everyone. The tale of Maa Durga describes her as a fearless and an independent leader.


Maa Durga’s diverse avatars confronted formidable odds and emerged victorious. Her tales of resilience and triumph serve as a poignant reminder that persistence and unwavering determination can lead to success, even in the face of the harshest adversity. With resolute determination, one can surmount any challenge and achieve their goals.


When Goddess Durga challenged the formidable Rakshasha Mahishasura, the demon brazenly scoffed at the notion that a woman could pose a threat to his seemingly infinite strength. Yet, when the battle commenced, Maa Durga swiftly vanquished him. Her valour stands as an enduring testament to the boundless strength inherent in all women, signifying their ability to take on the world. Her extraordinary might further serves as a lesson to a patriarchal society, emphasizing that women are not only equal but, in many ways, more potent than men.


Skandamata is four-armed and rides on a lion. She carries a lotus. One of her hands is blessing the world. She holds lotus flowers in two of her hands. One of her hands is always in the boon-conferring gesture and with the other, she holds her son Lord Skanda in her lap. She is seated on the lotus. So, she is also called Goddess with a lotus-pose. Skandmata is a true symbol of what is needed in the modern world. One should have the strength to fight anyone but also have the compassion to be kind to the world and make it a better place for all beings.