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Kannur University opens doors for Manipur students while schools resume in violence-torn state

Amid ongoing ethnic clashes and violence in Manipur, thousands of students have been displaced and their education interrupted midway. Kerala in India’s Southern end may be located far away from violence-torn North-Eastern state of Manipur but act of humanity has never restricted itself within geographical boundaries. To ensure students affected by violence in Manipur can continue with their education, the University of Kannur in Kerala has decided to open its doors for them. The university is trying to provide financial help, seats and accommodation to students coming from Manipur for higher education.
According to Historian Dr Gopinath Ravindran, who is also the Vice-chancellor of Kannur University, students coming from Manipur can take admission in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses as per their requirements. Students can take admission in various departments and affiliated colleges of the university as per eligibility. Also, Manipur students taking admission in Kannur University will be given ample time to submit necessary documents for admission.

Seats, accommodation, financial aid

Not only this, special seats will be allotted for students from Manipur who are eligible for higher education, but it has been interrupted due to the ongoing violence in the state. To ensure Manipur students don’t face any hassle while arranging for their residence, the university authorities have decided to provide accommodation for them. The university is also reportedly exploring possibilities of getting funds from the Kerala Government to provide financial assistance to these students.
This decision comes at a time when student’s organisations from Manipur have reportedly appealed to opposition-ruled states seeking their help and support to continue their education.

Schools reopen after two months in Manipur

Starting today, 10th August 2023, schools in Manipur are reprtedly reopening after two months. However, this is only for students between classes 9 and 12. All schools in the state have been closed for the last two months owing to ethnic clashes and violence in the state.
Manipur has a total of 1229 schools. According to an official notification issued by Director L Nanndakumat Singh of the Directorate of Education (Schools), all zonal education officers under the Department of Education have been directed to inform all concerned and act accordingly.

Schools which are currently relief camps

However, schools that are being used as relief camps will not open at the moment. A separate order regarding resumption of these schools will be issued later. Reportedly, over 4000 school students are currently residing in relief camps.
While schools in Manipur observed summer vacation from May 4 to May 30th, this was extended in view of the prevailing law and order situation in the state. Earlier, classes had resumed for standards 1-8 from July 5 amid tension and violence. Displaced Students were allowed to enrol for free in nearby schools.