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Human Rights Day: Watch how a school teacher feeds the homeless at a railway station in West Bengal daily

How much does it cost to feed a hungry person? How much does it cost to wrap him/her with blanket on a cold winter evening? How much does it cost to help a blind person cross the road? How much does it cost to donate clothes for the children lying on the footpath semi-naked? An act of humanity – does it cost much?
And talking about calculations of profit and loss, you actually gain more than you spend! We’ll explain how. A blanket might cost you Rs 200, clothes maybe a little more, a plate of food roughly Rs 50-100 but what you get in return cannot be calculated in rupees. You get love, you get blessings, you get good wishes and prayers for your long life and well being, you witness smiles and tears coming out of gratitude all of which are absolutely priceless!

An act of humanity

Human Rights Day is observed every year on the 10th December. On this day, The CSR Journal brings to you the story of a person who is working relentlessly to ensure the homeless people near his home are fed at least a warm plate of rice every day. Some of them are helpless senior citizens thrown out of home by their ‘children’, some are mentally retarded while some are specially abled Divyangjan and some beggars.

Feeding the homeless

Meet Amaresh Acharya, a school teacher from Nadia district of West Bengal, who has dedicated his life for this noble cause. Amaresh feeds roughly 25-30 homeless people at Krishnanagar Railway Station near his home every single day. He ensures that they get a plate full of rice, daal, vegetables, eggs or paneer and sometimes even sweets as dessert in the evening every day. While Amaresh had started this from his pocket, a few noble souls have also come forward in his support donating money, groceries, fuel, utensils and volunteering to serve food to the homeless.
How did Amaresh’s journey begin? What inspired him to commence on this act of humanity? Watch his full story here…