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Help women fight back

Give India

GiveIndia has initiated a new campaign to help survivors of violence against women, to fight back. In partnership with Majlis Manch, Apnalaya, Guriya and ActionAid, the aim is to create a platform for people who want to do more than just express outrage about the shocking cases of abuse and violence that are so prevalent now.

The programme aims to aid funding for legal aid, counselling, rescue and rehabilitation and support through crisis centres that sustain the survivors of violence, ensuring that they do not fight the long hard battles ahead of them alone.

The smallest act of support will do more to help a woman fighting her circumstances, than doing nothing.

She may be able to attend one more session of counselling. She may be able to get another day in court for justice. She may be able to escape and find a safe place for herself. She may be able to get another shot at rebuilding her life.

When the problem is so big and seemingly insurmountable, our efforts may seem too small to make a difference. But we need to start somewhere. We need to start with something. And we need to start now. Each of us has the power to make a difference, however small it may be.

Otherwise, the next time we read a horrific story and restart the cycle of outrage, we will know that we had a chance to make a difference to one life, and we missed the opportunity to do so.

Join GiveIndia and help kickstart survivors fight back. The battle is long, complicated and on several fronts. But we will never win unless we begin.

To take action and do your part in helping women fight back, log on to https://monthly.giveindia.org and donate today.