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Haryana To Improve Quality Of Education Through CSR


The Haryana government has framed a state-level Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) co-ordination committee on education with an aim to fill funding gaps in the government school projects.

Considering the presence of a large number of corporate houses in the state, the Haryana government has formulated an implementation plan for its CSR policy, in a bid to improve the quality of education in the state, Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma said.

“Fortunately, Haryana has a large number of reputed corporate houses and the government is keen to attract CSR funds directly or indirectly apart from the state budget allocated for education so as to inject quality in education system,” he said.

Sharma stated this committee would identify and attend to priority area components, supplementing government activities without replacing them and forming action plans.

It would coordinate and channelise the efforts to achieve goals and facilitate CSR works through implementing agencies like the NGOs and Corporates.

It would monitor and review CSR activities implemented by various agencies, handhold, coordinate, facilitate and monitor the impact on Education Development Index (EDI) of the state or district and share best practices in CSR among corporates.

According to him, there would be three separate committees so as to evolve a more scientific and professional approach in the execution of CSR activities effectively.

These are State-Level Steering Committee in Education (SLSC), Core Committee (a sub-committee of SLSC) and District Level Steering Committee in Education. He said that State-Level Steering Committee would have Additional Chief Secretary, Secondary Education, as its chairperson.

(The Times Of India)

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