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Support Young Women For Menstrual Hygiene


Menstruation and menstrual hygiene are taboos in India. About 52% of the female population is of reproductive age and most of them are menstruating every month. Besides the health problems due to poor hygiene during menstruation, the lack or unaffordability of facilities and appropriate sanitary products and social stigma affect the girls’ right to education. According to Forbes Marshal survey, 23% of girls drop out of school when they start menstruating and in some places as many as 66% skip school during this time and one –third of them eventually drop out.

A large number of girls and women still use primitive ways of dealing with menstruation, which compromises their menstrual hygiene. The best place to make an impact on improving the lives of girls and women is in water and sanitation. The time has come to promote – loudly and unashamedly – the role of good Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) as a trigger for better, stronger development of women and girls: personal, educational and professional.

IDF overarching aim is to contribute to the all-round development of the children in its bal gurukuls and schools associated with Bal Gurukuls across the country in cities, towns and far fledged places making the reach easier. To tackle the problem of menstrual hygiene management in girls IDF’s Project Hygiene 12 addresses this concern in India.

Key Elements of Project Hygiene 12:

  • Empowering girls by disseminating factual information, awareness raising and addressing stigma and misunderstanding through volunteers, Doctors, and Nurses in these Bal Gurukuls/Schools.
  • Facilitate / Provide Low-cost sanitary pads to the needy children.
  • Waste Disposal Management.
  • You can support one girl’s personal hygiene for a year by donating Rs. 500 only.

Empower adolescent girls by supporting Project Hygiene 12 (pH12). To know more on how to Fund this Project, please write to us at editor@thecsrjournal.in.