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Doordarshan to launch AI anchors Krish and Bhoomi who can speak 50 languages

In the era of Artificial Intelligence and chat GPT, when every organisation and profession is increasingly being dependent on AI, why should India’s age-old Doordarshan lag behind?
Doordarshan channel DD Kisan is coming up with two AI-enabled anchors, which makes it the first government TV channel of the country to do so. The two anchors named AI Krish and AI Bhoomi will start presenting news from 26th May this year.

Features of AI anchors Krish and Bhoomi

“These news anchors are a computer, which are exactly like a human, or rather, these can work like a human. They can read news 24 hours and 365 days without stopping or getting tired. The farmer viewers will be able to see these anchors in all the states of the country from Kashmir to Tamil Nadu and from Gujarat to Arunachal,” as per a statement released by the Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare.
“These AI anchors will provide every necessary information about agricultural research happening in the country and global level, trends in agriculture mandis, changes in the weather or any other information of government schemes. One special thing about these anchors is that they can speak in 50 languages of the country and abroad,” the statement further reads.
While DD Kisan becomes India’s first government television channel to have an AI-powered anchor, private regional and national news channels have already introduced the same last year. Some of these are mentioned below:

Odia news AI anchor Lisa

In July last year, Odisha-Based Private Channel OTV launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled anchor named Lisa. The AI news anchor is a computer-generated model dressed in Odisha’s traditional handloom saree.

India’s first regional news anchor Lisa has been programmed to deliver news in both Odia and English on OTV Network’s television and digital platforms, according to an announcement made by the television channel. While Lisa has the ability to speak multiple languages, her focus will be on Odia and English news presentations.

Kannada AI anchor Soundarya

Soon after OTV announced Lisa, popular Kannada news channel Power TV announced their AIL-powered news presenter, Soundarya in July last year. This makes Soundarya the first AI-anchor in Southern India.
Kannada AI anchor Soundarya

News18’s AI anchor ‘AI Kaur’

News18 Punjab/Haryana, is also among India’s first regional channels to launch Artificial Intelligence via its platform for a live ground event. The robotic anchor was named ‘AI Kaur’ and her presence was marked at an Education Summit. One of the key highlights of the event was the introduction of the AI-based anchor.

India Today Group’s AI anchors

The India Today Group introduced India’s First AI Anchor for Aaj Tak channel, named Sana, in March. Other AI anchors belonging to the group include SAIli, the AI Marathi news anchor for Mumbai Tak; AIshwarya, the Hindi anchor for UP Tak, Bharat Tak, and News Tak; NAIna, the Bhojpuri anchor on Aaj Tak 2; AIna, India’s inaugural Bengali AI anchor on Aaj Tak Bangla; and JAI, the English AI anchor on India Today TV.