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Delhi Police warns against falling prey to Cyber Crime

Most of us often use the same password for our multiple social media accounts primarily because it is easy to remember and hence convenient. But did you know that by doing this, you are making the job of hackers easier? That you are helping them to gain access to your e-mail or social media accounts?
October is observed as the National Cyber Security Awareness Month in India. With an aim to raise awareness and prevent netizens from falling prey to hackers and other cybercriminals, Delhi Police has recently issued a warning on social media.
Taking to microblogging platform ‘X’, Delhi Police has suggested netizens to use strong passwords for their accounts and never repeat the same password to log into multiple accounts. “Using the same password for multiple accounts can be risky. Stay one step ahead of hackers! Avoid weak passwords and never reuse them. Report cyber crime @ https://cybercrime.gov.in,” Delhi Police posted.

Delhi Police initiative against Cyber Bullying

Earlier this year, the Delhi High Court and Delhi Police jointly launched a series of interactive videos to educate minors about cyber safety, how to ensure their privacy is maintained and how to prevent themselves from falling prey to cyber bullying, stalking, sexting and other kinds of online frauds targeting this particular age group.
The aim is to educate young minds through exciting challenges and mind-boggling riddles so that they take interest in learning and also become aware of cyber safety, which is a need of the hour in this digital age. The interactive video series shed light on the dangers of online predators while equipping youngsters with self-protection strategies.

Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre

To deal with cyber crime more strictly, the Ministry of Home Affairs, has launched an initiative in the form of Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C). The aim is to deal with cyber crime in the country in a coordinated and comprehensive manner. The I4C focuses on tackling issues related to cyber crime for citizens, including improving coordination between various Law Enforcement Agencies and stakeholders.
Since its roll out, I4C has been working towards enhancing the nation’s collective capability to tackle cyber crimes and develop effective coordination among the Law Enforcement Agencies and stakeholders, driving change in India’s overall capability to tackle Cyber crime and to improve citizen satisfaction levels. A citizen-centric National Cyber crime Reporting Portal (NCRP) was launched in 2019, which is one of the most significant achievements of I4C.
Another initiative of I4C, National Cybercrime Helpline number 1930, is helping the common citizen in registering online financial frauds. Over 29 lakh complaints have been reported on National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP) till date, with a daily average of more than 5000 complaints. Both, Helpline 1930 and NCRP, have saved over 765 crore rupees of defrauded money from reaching the hands of fraudsters till 30th September, 2023.