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CSR: Raising And Gifting Plants For A Greener Future

Gifting Plants

“Having children right now is like being selfish because you contribute to increasing population, and you become irresponsible towards the environment,” says Archana Nair, a teacher and a responsible citizen from Bangalore.

Archana and her husband have made a conscious decision to not have children so they can be more conscious of the environment. The couple believes that in order to ensure clean air, water and shelter for the future generation, the individuals today will have to be conscious of their decision of having children. The Nairs along with some close friends have made it the mission of their life to raise plants instead of bearing children. “Plants need love and care as well. They grow much healthier in a warm and loving environment,” Nair said.

Raising trees is a unique movement which is catching up steadily in several parts of the world. Another movement that has become quite popular is gifting plants.

Flowers have been a traditional gift since decades for any event. However, some people prefer to gift something more thoughtful. Plants last longer and create a special bond between the two people. This is because with the plant comes a responsibility to nurture it. And whenever a person cares for it, they remember the loved one who gifted it to them.

To revolutionise this idea in India, a young entrepreneur has started Nurturing Green, a chain of green retail stores in high streets and malls. The chain stores sell special, unique theme based plants for gifting, home décor, gardening, landscaping and corporate gifting. They have theme based plants such as stress-buster plants for corporates, Zodiac plants for birthdays and many exotic bonsais from across the world.

The environment is changing each year. Adapting to it is the only choice we have to ensure the survival of our beloved planet.

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