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CSR: Preventing Avoidable Visual Blindness

Visual Blindness

India has approximately 26 million people who are visually impaired due to eye diseases. Because of this, many potentially productive people end up leading their lives with a lot of discomfort. The blindness caused due to diseases can also be the cause of loss of self confidence to stand up on their own for many. These diseases could have been avoided with proper care and treatment at the right time.

The Optometry Council of India (OCI) has made an announcement to undertake a program to prevent avoidable blindness called ‘Experience Vision’. OCI will be supported in this endeavour by Bausch and Lomb who will be sponsoring the activities envisioned under the program. As part of the program, OCI will be connecting with about 400 government schools and approximately 100,000 school children all over India, to educate the teachers and students regarding common eye ailments and eye hygiene.

The OCI will also develop a Standard Protocol for screening the eyes of school children and other members of the community. This will be carried out by a team of experts in line with the best practice standards available internationally. The program also aims at providing corrective devices such as spectacles/ contact lenses, to suitable candidates. During the program, OCI will be highlighting the role of Optometrists in society and provide information about the vocation to the school children and young adults.

The ‘Experience Vision’ program by OCI is aimed at improving the quality of life for studying children by ensuring proper awareness and vision correction for them. The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Sanjay Bhutani, has said, “This program is the ideal way to bring to life the values of our company, that aims to promote better eye health for all and we are extremely happy to support this initiative by OCI”.

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