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Children with Disability

Dignity for Disability – Where do we stand?

As quoted by Pope Francis, “a community which even excludes one member is no community at all.” In India, the disabled individuals account for...
AI for visually impaired

CSR: How AI could give sight to the blind

Better medical care, nutrition, and other measures can help prevent blindness or ease the suffering of those afflicted by it. Alongside these solutions, AI...
Amway India Celebrates Louis Braille Day

Amway celebrates Louis Braille Day in collaboration with All India Confederation of the Blind

Amway India celebrated the 210th birth anniversary of Louis Braille with its 11 NGO partners for the eleventh consecutive year by organizing myriad initiatives....
Visual Blindness

CSR: Preventing Avoidable Visual Blindness

India has approximately 26 million people who are visually impaired due to eye diseases. Because of this, many potentially productive people end up leading...
Reading for blind

CSR: Simply Reading Without Seeing

Dependence on others for reading and writing is one of the biggest hurdle in the way of education, employment and leading an independent life,...

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