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M3M Foundation’s Lakshya Scholar to represent India in Special Olympics in Germany

Gurgaon, India: The pursuit of dreams often entails immense dedication, hard work, and overcoming numerous obstacles. Sarswati, a 15-year-old from the Tauru block of Nuh district, has demonstrated unwavering determination and resilience in her quest to fulfil her aspirations. Thanks to the Lakshya program by M3M Foundation, Sarswati’s dreams have been reignited, leading her to represent the nation at the Special Olympics in Berlin, Germany. Overcoming her unique intellectual disability, Sarswati has found solace and purpose in the sport of roller skating, and M3M Foundation has come forward to provide her with the necessary support through a scholarship.
Hailing from a financially disadvantaged family in Tauru, Sarswati faced significant challenges in pursuing her dreams, including the prohibitive costs of training, coaching, specialized equipment, and proper nutrition. However, through the Lakshya initiative, M3M Foundation recognized Sarswati’s exceptional talent and stepped in to ensure her dreams could become a reality.
Sarswati’s journey to the Special Olympics was not without its hurdles. Despite winning gold medals at district, state, and national levels, she had to prove herself in four different camps. Out of 190 players selected from all over India for various events, only 12 players were chosen from Haryana. Each camp presented a tougher selection process, but Sarswati’s determination and skill allowed her to surpass over 100 competitors, securing her well-deserved place to represent India at the Special Olympics World Games in Berlin, Germany, from June 17th to June 24th, 2023.
The Lakshya program by M3M Foundation aims to provide scholarships to promising Indian athletes who excel in their respective sports but face financial constraints that hinder their progress. Recognizing the immense potential in athletes like Sarswati, M3M Foundation strives to remove barriers and provide equal opportunities for talented individuals to achieve their goals.
Dr. Payal Kanodia, Trustee of M3M Foundation, extended her heartfelt wishes to Sarswati, stating, “All the very best, Sarswati. We are immensely proud of you.”
Dr. Kanodia acknowledged the pivotal role played by Coach Aradhana, who not only identified Sarswati’s unique needs but also guided her towards roller skating two years ago, M3M Foundation’s support was instrumental in fulfilling other essential requirements.
Expressing her gratitude, Sarswati said, “I am thankful to M3M Foundation and my coach for all their support and belief in me.”.
With a proud face, Coach Aradhana said: “I am incredibly proud of Sarswati and her unwavering dedication to her sport. She has overcome numerous challenges and proven herself time and again. As her coach, I have witnessed her growth and determination firsthand. I wish her all the success at the Special Olympics, and I am confident that she will make our country proud. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to M3M Foundation for their invaluable support in making Sarswati’s dreams a reality. Thank you for believing in her and providing her with this incredible opportunity.”
As Sarswati embarks on this extraordinary journey to Berlin, M3M Foundation, Coach Aradhana, and the entire community rally behind her, confident in her ability to shine on the international stage. Together, they embody the spirit of determination, compassion, and inclusivity, striving to uplift young talents and foster a brighter future for aspiring athletes.




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