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CSR: MG Car Club India donates food supplies to the transgender community in Kolkata

Taking forward its MG SEWA mission, MG Motor India supported the transgender community by providing daily commodities to them in Kolkata. The MG Car Club (MGCC) officers Amitabh and Md Hassan partnered with the Kolkata-based non-government organisation (NGO) Anandam and raised funds for the initiative from MGCC-I, Kolkata centre.
MG is known for its community- and diversity-driven initiatives targeted towards vital societal challenges. The CSR initiative by MG Car Club is also part of the carmaker’s umbrella CSR programme MG SEWA, which serves immediate communities around their operational bases. MG has been supporting several relief measures under the program, especially towards girl child education, women empowerment and various covid-19 relief.

What is MG SEWA?

MG SEWA is an umbrella CSR platform to serve immediate communities around MG’s operational bases. Since 2019, MG SEWA has supported several relief measures including the development and donation of Hector Ambulances, strengthening indigenous ventilator manufacturing, extending relief supplies and sanitization, increasing medical oxygen supply, sanitizing vehicles of police personnel and elderly people, and distributing masks and hygiene kits and food items.
As a part of MG SEWA, the automaker is further committed to girl child education, women empowerment, and skilling underprivileged women. With IIMPACT NGO, it is today sponsoring quality primary education for over 1,477 girls across distant villages. MG is also championing this cause with Udayan Care and Save the Children. Over the last year, MG has shifted its focus towards the e-learning of underprivileged girl children. Some of its other key initiatives include Womentorship – empowering women leaders across communities, Changemakers – honouring women entrepreneurs doing exceptional work, and Drive Her Back – enabling women to return back to the workplace.
It has also educated teachers and children on road safety in addition to nurturing over 100 start-ups in the auto-tech space with growth platforms. In line with its commitment to skilling youth, it has introduced Dakshata with ASDC for automotive skill development and Nurture programme to provide young candidates with internship and training. Its Genesis and Bridge programmes also provide training and internship to industry professionals.

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