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CSR: Gardening For Mental And Physical Health

Home Gardening India

Gardening is the new cool hobby that everyone should adapt. Plant cultivation is a necessity for existence of life. However, with rapid urbanization, the green cover of every city is reducing in size.

India is second largest populated country in the world. And the population keeps growing unchecked. With growing population, the demand for resources also grows. However, their availability is limited. The food system in India is suffering because of the increasing population.

Industrialization is farming has made it expensive for small scale farmers. In order to meet the demands, the farmers are forced to adapt these new equipments that are not really tried and tested. This forces them to go under debts. It also ruins the quality of the soil in a longer run. Farmers even end up using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in high amounts to increase the production of their produce and earn more money to get rid of their debts. In the end, it is not just them, but everyone that suffers. Because the food produced in this manner is not really healthy.

Home gardening is a concept that could solve many problems. It can ensure us of the quality of food we eat, because we exactly know where it came from. Also, since we are used to the soil of the place we live, it is healthier to eat the food grown in that soil rather than that of somewhere else.

Gardening is also considered as a healthy exercise everyone should practice. Daily gardening chores like watering, weeding, trellising, mulching, and harvesting are great ways to augment an exercise regimen. Although, most of the time gardening is not a substitute for focused cardio and strength training, but it combines low-impact exercise with other benefits. Studies have also shown that staying in a natural environment, reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve concentration.

Gardening is often considered to be therapeutic by many. The activity of gardening is compared with meditation or praying because of its peaceful nature. Gardening is also a doable contribution everyone can make to protect the environment. However, if that is not a good enough motivator to garden, we recommend you to try it out once, for your personal peace of mind and health.

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