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CSR: Financial Inclusion To Kick Off In Gujarat

Financial Inclusion in India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has envisioned a digital India. In lieu of this the government is working hard towards bringing financial inclusion in every part of the country. In support of this initiative, Vodafone Foundation has launched Jaadu Ginni Ka – its financial literacy program to build a financially inclusive nation.

Financial inclusion is the need of the hour especially in the rural areas, where after the Jan Dhan Yojana, people have bank accounts but do not have an understanding and access to financial services that would protect them and their finances. This makes them vulnerable to frauds. Lack of education about finance also keeps them from planning a stable future, not allowing them to come out of hand to mouth cycle.

Launched by Smt. Anarben Patel, Social Activist and Founder Gramshree, on the eve of Gujarat Sthapna Diwas, Jaadu Ginni Ka empowers people to make financially sound decisions in order to enhance their quality of life. Through this initiative, the foundation aims to reach out to 1 crore Indians by 2020.

Supported by the government of Gujarat, the programme comprises of useful real-world topics such as Basic Financial Concepts, Borrowings, Investments, Financial Planning and the Power of Mobile. Jaadu Ginni Ka will be implemented and monitored by officials under the supervision of District Panchayat Ahmedabad.

“Safeguarding against financial frauds and leveraging technology to access financial services are two of the most important interventions with respect to Financial Inclusion needed in our country at this point of in time,” said Mrs. Patel, lauding the initiative.

Speaking about Vodafone’s pledge towards Financial Literacy, Shri P. Balaji, Director – Regulatory, External Affairs & CSR, Vodafone India Ltd, said, “With India on the route to becoming a digital first   nation, we believe that financial literacy is the need of the hour. Through our program, we aim to educate citizens  to lead a financially dignified life by making correct choices. Our focus is also to provide contextual and customized financial literacy content to the population at the bottom of the pyramid. We are happy to start our journey from Ahmedabad and are immensely thankful to the government for partnering with us and helping us in creating a financially inclusive nation.”

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