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CSR: Empowering The Girl Child

Empowering the girl child
It is important in today’s world for everyone to be independent and self reliant. With changing times, India is leaving its patriarchal society back while adapting to equality. However, in order to successfully implement and imbibe these values in every part of the country, it is important to enable equal opportunities for everyone without gender discrimination.
Education is a life changing factor for every individual. This is because it not only ensures knowledge, but also enhances one’s personality by providing the required exposure. It is essential in today’s times to ensure every child develops social, emotional and thinking skills in order to prepare themselves to work towards development of the country. Special attention is required to be given to ensure that these opportunities are available for the girl child as they are not considered significant and hence are unavailable in several parts of the country.
In order to uplift the lives of women and girl child by making them self reliant, NTPC, India’s largest power generating company, has announced the launch of its first project of “Girl Empowerment Mission” campaign in and around Vindhyachal, Singrauli and Rihand projects. The objective of the campaign is to make these young girls empowered and educated in best possible way.
Through this initiative and to support the cause of Girl Child, the organization aims to make every girl aware about essential education, health and self-defence programs. There are 137 girls of Vindhyachal, 125 from Singrauli and 130 from Rihand participating in a four-week Residential Workshop in the respective Employee Development Centers. The children participating in the development program are in the age group of 10-12 years.
Under this initiative, the girls will have tailor-made programs covering basic communication skills in Hindi & English and elementary education in Mathematics, hygiene & nutrition, yoga and sports. To develop their social skills talks on gender diversity issues, group activities, movie screening on social issues, cyber safety, music, dance, theater etc. will be organised.
Through this program, NTPC aims at dispelling the misconceptions surrounding female foeticide across rural India and create a room for the children to showcase their talents and capabilities.