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CSR drive of baby care brand Chicco India for kids with cancer

Every battle isn’t fought on a battleground; some are done quietly and with perseverance. Cancer patients are fighting their battle silently and to support this endeavour, Chicco India joined hands with Chennai-based NGO Sankalp Beautiful World for a CSR drive. They will be providing free of cost kits to paediatric cancer patients and cancer survivors.
Chicco, the brand which takes care of multiple needs of babies with its innovative products, is overwhelmed to conduct this CSR initiative and contribute free toys and wearables to the Paediatric Cancer patients. Kits are being delivered to their residence by Sankalp staff.
Rajesh Vohra, CEO, Chicco India, said “Kids with cancer are already dealing with a lot in their life and giving them a relief and sense of normalcy, even for a moment is very important. It’s just a small gesture from Chicco to support the kids who are hero in their own way.”
Sankalp Beautiful World is a nonprofit organization established in December 2015. They are dedicatedly working for cancer patients. The NGO grows today as an organization that seeks to provide hope and solutions to those suffering from cancer.
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