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CSR to Fund Counselling Programme for First Time Offenders in Haryana

Indian prisons do not have the best of the reputations in the world. The prisons in India do not have adequate provisions for rehabilitation in India. Arguments ensue that in a country where honest citizens are unable to secure their daily meals, making special provisions for those who have committed crimes is impractical. However, with this argument, we disregard every chance for a person to mend their ways. This is especially unfortunate for persons who wish to reform.
Studies have shown that of the first-time offenders commit crimes due to their aggressive behaviour, personal or family issue, in a fit of rage or due to bad company. Given a chance, these offenders would not go down to the path of crime. However, if such first-time offenders get jailed, all the other hardened criminals try to brainwash them and make them their associate.
In order to prevent this, the Haryana Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Board is planning to come up with a specially-designed counselling programme for first-time criminals. The move is aimed at helping first-time offenders realise their mistake so that they do not become repeat offenders. The programme will be funded by corporate companies under their CSR expenditures.
The programme will prepare a profile of each individual focusing on his/her nature, behaviour, temperament and nature of crimes committed by them. Top counsellors will be hired for the same. The counsellors will not only aid in their reformation but also listen to their stories, experiences and try to understand their family situation.
Gaurav Singh, Regional head, Haryana CSR advisory board has said that they are planning to prepare different modules for people involved in different kinds of crimes. For example, first-time offenders of cheating and fraud will have different modules than those involved in theft, burglary and snatching.
The board is also getting in touch with the judiciary in an effort to make counselling of such offenders mandatory after securing bail. The project will start in a pilot mode in Gurugram at the outset. It will be replicated in the entire state once it achieves success in Gurugram.