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CSR: Challenges In Raising The Children Of Tomorrow

Children of India

Children are the future of the country. The policies, reforms and acts that are passed today in the country, are the setting for these children to reap benefits and build upon them tomorrow. The dream of earning India its title of ‘Sone ki chidiya’ (the golden bird) will be fulfilled by the youth who are still children today. It is very crucial to ensure that these children are brought up to be ideal children who would be tolerant, respectful, hardworking, smart and honest.

India is still a patriarchal society. Women are expected to not pursue careers in many households. If women choose to work, it is assumed that they work for pleasure and would quit their jobs when they have family responsibilities or children. Even today, a child seeks the final approval from the father when they need permission to do anything.

Apart from this, there is a lot of caste and religion based rivalry in the country. Even if the rivalry is not too violent, there is a certain cold war among different communities. Two people from different communities dating each other is generally not accepted. Even when a person is minding his own business while performing a traditional ritual, he is considered a nuisance by other people.

India is far from being liberal with the LGBTQ community. The government has scrapped section 377 and decriminalised homosexual relationships. However, this has not changed the perception of society. There is still stigma around the concept.

The India of our dreams would not have all of these problems. It would be a place where everyone would be treated with respect, love and dignity. There will be tolerance towards every caste, religion and colour. There will be no gender stereotyping. When all of these issues will be taken care of, everyone will work with each other in harmony. This will build a strong economy, where the unemployment rate, malnutrition and illiteracy rate will be very low.

Children are easily influenced, especially by their parents and teachers. It is vital to ensure that they are subjected to correct circumstances, culture and lessons in order to ensure that they are growing up to be responsible citizens of tomorrow. The seed we sow today will reap its benefits tomorrow.

The kind of nurturing we give children today, will build the nation tomorrow.

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