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6 CSR campaigns for Diwali in 2020

This will be the first Diwali in 100 years that will be celebrated during a raging pandemic. You and I may be safely ensconced at home with a box of sweets. However, for certain sections of society – senior citizens, families of migrants, those battling mental illness, ones lost their livelihood and others who are living on the margins – this festive season sparks no joy. Corporate social responsibility has stepped up to the grim situation with CSR campaigns for Diwali going the extra mile.

CSR campaigns for Diwali

Various Indian companies are spreading joy with CSR campaigns for Diwali despite COVID-19. They have taken social distancing norms and safety precautions into consideration while planning these campaigns. Some are digital and others are social distanced.

1. #YehPuccaHai by JK Cement

#YehPuccaHai – THANK YOU DOCTORS is a social message film that was conceptualised and produced by JK Cement CSR with Social Cloud Ventures. It has already been viewed 3.9 million times on Youtube. #YehPuccaHai depicts a woman putting her responsibilities as a doctor first, which eventually means that she cannot celebrate Diwali with her adorable daughter. The film puts the spotlight on the tough job of medical practitioners during COVID-19.

JK Cement is also urging people to participate in the campaign. All you need to do is add a frame to your Facebook profile with “THANK YOU DOCTORS” #YehPuccaHai or send a “Thank You” digital note to your doctor.

2. #YehDiwaliBachchonWaali by United We Care

Remember how easily you spoke your mind when you were a kid? Making friends was a piece of cake in school. Bring out your inner child this year, says app-based platform United We Care with its mental health CSR campaign #YehDiwaliBachchonWaali. The digital campaign wants to gift people better mental health, to talk openly about what’s on their mind without any inhibitions. Besides, Diwali is coinciding with Children’s Day today, making #YehDiwaliBachchonWaali all the more relevant.

The social campaign also features life coaches, psychologists and other professionals narrating the childhood stories that led them to choose the profession they are in.

3. #GreenOath by Columbia Pacific Communities

The world got lonelier for the elderly during COVID-19. Senior citizens are the most vulnerable to the virus. They are forced into separation from the outside world for their own health and safety, but this forced isolation behind closed doors is adding to their despair. Even if they could venture out, the increasing air pollution levels pose another threat for their lungs. The festive time is especially hard on senior citizens living alone. Senior living community operator Columbia Pacific Communities is bringing joy to the elderly with a digital Diwali initiative called #GreenOath.
Senior citizens can share ideas on how to go green during this Diwali in an online contest. ElderEase, omni channel store for senior home care solutions, has come on board the CSR initiative as a gifting partner. Senior citizens with the best ideas will win prizes from ElderEase.

4. Paytm and Chef Vikas Khanna

Paytm is joining hands with celebrity chef Vikas Khanna to distribute delicious sweets to the less fortunate. The digital payment platform will sponsor half-kilo mithai boxes for low-income households across all the major metros.

5. Awfis

Flex workspace provider Awfis is partnering with Akshaya Patra Foundation for a different kind of festive gifting. Awfis will gift Happiness Kits to impoverished kids as gifts on behalf of their clients and employees. The kits have nutrition and hygiene essentials, immunity boosters and sweets to ensure they don’t go hungry. Each Awfis community member will receive a certificate for the gift sent on their behalf instead of the usual Diwali gifts.

6. Telebu

The way the past few months have panned out has changed how we do celebrations. Telebu has decided to celebrate Diwali with the underprivileged this year. Hearteningly, all the employees have also agreed to support the business communication enterprise’s CSR initiative in Hyderabad which recently saw massive flooding. Not only is Telebu’s CSR working closely to provide food and shelter for those who lost their dwelling in the floods, the employees are also pooling funds to help the victims.
These CSR campaigns for Diwali are bringing the light back into darkened homes. So, as you celebrate the festival, think about how you can shine a light… in the metaphorical sense.