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CSR: Alcohol And Its Health Effects


Consumption of alcohol is becoming more popular with the youth. An activity that was associated with the negative sentiment of being destructive is now associated with celebration. Getting drunk and partying hard is a habit with the protagonists of many Bollywood films.

Various bloggers and publications have published articles about the “health benefits” of alcohol. Drinkers have used these stories to validate their drinking habits and encourage others to join them. So let us explore some of the health effects of alcohol.

  1. Liver diseases are often found in people with drinking habits. Almost 90% of the people who drink 16 gm of alcohol on a daily basis develop fatty liver. This is reversible over time. However, excessive alcohol consumption may damage the cells, which is not replaceable.
  2. Alcohol intake and depression often go hand in hand.
  3. Alcohol can cause damage to brain. Ethanol often reduces communication between brain cells, resulting in partial memory loss during a drinking episode.
  4. Alcohol contains approximately 7 calories per gram. Beer has as much sugar as soft drinks. Wine has twice as that. Heavy consumption of these can block weight loss.
  5. Alcohol consumption is a risk factor for cancers of the mouth, throat, colon, breast, and liver.
  6. Alcohol is an addictive substance. Many people become addicted to its effects, developing a condition called alcohol dependence.

Alcohol consumption is being glamourised in the media. However, its ill effects have been heavily documented. Countless drunk driving accidents and risky sexual behaviour have resulted from drinking too much. Yet if still must consume alcohol, then drink responsibly.

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