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CSR: A Woman Illtreated In Public In Bihar

woman illtreated in Bihar

A woman in Bihar was allegedly stripped, thrashed, and paraded naked in Bihiya, a small town in Bhojpur district, by a mob on a murder suspicion. The said woman was seen with the deceased 16-year-old Vimlesh Sav, before his body was recovered near the railway tracks. The woman has denied all the allegations against her.

The death of the youth shook up the local villagers. They suspected the people from the red light area to have strangled the boy. Holding the girl to be responsible for Sav’s death, the villagers displayed their anger by burning down shops and vehicles including the police vehicles. They dragged the woman to the street later, ripped off her clothes and paraded her while slapping and kicking her on the street.

Owing to the incident, eight police officers have been suspended, including the station house officer of Bahiya as well as the local station in charge of the Government Railway Police.

The National Commission for Women has directed the Bihar DGP to notify it of a detailed action that needs to be taken in the case. This is after considering that no arrests had been made by the police even after several photos and videos had been circulated in the social media.

Bhojpur superintendent of police Avakash Kumar has said, “A heavy deployment of police personnel has been made in the area.” An FIR has been registered for the case and an immediate action has been promised.

On one hand, we talk of progress and development. We strive to bring the glory to our country that it deserves. On the other hand, we tarnish it by ill treating the citizens and taking up law in own hands.

Source: Press Trust of India

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